Haiku – Mystical

A land of dragons

One king rides for destiny

His fate sealed in blood


I’ve gotten absolutely hooked on this DragonForce MP3 Album that I just downloaded.



This song especially inspired this Haiku. It has to be one of the greatest Power Ballads I have ever heard.

AWOL Friday: Chapter 4: Fangs and A Full Moon

A wolf’s howl sent cold chills up his spine and across his body, pulling him from his observations. That howl didn’t seem so loud when he was back in the little round room of the author’s mind; but now that he was out here, that howl seemed like it was pouring out of everything. It permeated the world.

“Hey buddy. You might want to get out of there.”

AWOL - High ResolutionThe character turned around to see who had said that as a cold wind tore into his flesh. He pulled his hat down over his ears, adjusted his gloves, and trained his eyes towards the sound of the voice. It had come from a bush just off the side of the road.

“Who are you?” He asked, as the wind rushed across him again. He was glad to still be dressed in the clothes he had on in the zombie story. Their layers were keeping him nice and warm.

“You need to get off the road. Death is coming.”

The wolf howl again and it was closer.

“Where are you? Why don’t you come out?”

AWOL Print“I’d be dead if I did,” the strange voice replied.

The character heard a rustling behind him. He turned and saw a werewolf racing across the lawn, heading right in his direction. A shot from a gun blasted off into the night as the beast leaped over the fence. This silver bullet went whizzing over the character’s head and hit the werewolf dead center of its skull. This shot killed it instantly and knocked it off its flying path. The beast fell to the ground, tumbled, rolled, and came to a stop.

“I told you to get off the road. That was just a scout. The rest are coming.”

The character turned to his left and saw a small pack of werewolves walking down the paved road towards him. They weren’t in a hurry like the one that nearly killed him a second ago. They were taking their time; and if they weren’t foul, evil beasts, you would think they were just out for a casual night-time stroll.

These creatures were big ugly things walking on all fours, covered in silky grey fur, and from their paw to the top of their back they had to be at least 8 feet tall and about six feet from snout to tail. They had gigantic claws – 4 in all – on each paw, big white teeth that sparkled in the moonlight, and from their mouth a salivating liquid dripped that smoked when it hit the ground. They had red eyes that blazed inside their eye sockets, but these weren’t normal eyes. Somehow their eyes were able to shine like a spotlight or a car’s headlights. So, as they walked, they each had a small red spotlight in front of them to light their path. They had green noses that could sniff out any predator or prey, and their back sides ended with a long scorpion stinger and tail. This tail reached up into the air as they walked, ready to strike on an instant.

Find out more about this novel by clicking this link: AWOL: A CHARACTER LOST

Acrostic Haiku – Son

Sunshine and joy

One awesome, fabulous love

Nothing can compare


I’ve never tried my hand at Acrostic Poetry before, but this one kind of came to me earlier in the day. I am also not sure Haiku Poetry is usually used for Acrostic.

Anyway, anyone who does Acrostic Poetry, can you tell me what you think of this one or if you don’t, thoughts and what not about it are always appreciated?