Cover Reveal and A Pre-Order: It Sleeps at Dawn


This short story is about a Vampire who stalks the Appalachian Mountains. A traditional Vampire who uses fangs instead of guns. He hunts, He kills. He sleeps at Dawn.

Release Date: October 7, 2016






She gripped her nerves tight, pushed back the fear, and stepped up to the door that she hoped led out of the long hallway and into freedom. The door was made of solid oak, black from top to bottom and side to side, with a gold door knob in the shape of a demon with two emerald green eyes. Bright red pentagrams were embedded into its wood. These pentagrams were so red they seemed to be filled with blood, ready to bleed at any moment, almost pulsing from their plumpness. She reached down for the handle, deep breaths filled with dread ran through her lungs, as her heart drummed a loud terror beat inside her chest. She turned the handle and opened the door, which was so heavy that it took two hands and a healthy dose of sweat to move.

Her heart sank once the door was wide open because there he stood, the man who had brought her here the night before. Her cloudy memory had finally opened up, spilling forth the information. It was the bar where they had met, the bar where he had laid on his charms, the bar where he had asked her to go home with him, the bar was the last memory she had before waking up in this mysterious place. And she was sure of another thing, he wasn’t the same man who had picked her up. That dashing handsome young man with the long black hair and dusty blue eyes, who stood at least six foot five, and was easily a foot taller than her was now nowhere to be seen. Instead of the young man dressed in modern clothes, here stood an ancient older man in dated black three piece suit with a cape tied around his neck. The cape fell to somewhere near the middle of his back. It was black to match the suit, but the interior of it was as red as the pentagrams on the door. His cologne wafted through the air as he stood there, an ancient smell of High Karate.

He smiled at her, an evil dark eat you alive from head to toe smile, which revealed large white fangs that hadn’t been there when he picked her up . . .

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Friday Freebies (9/30/2016): A Haunted House Tale


This short story is about five students on Halloween night who discover the secrets and terrors of the town’s most infamous haunted house. Will they live to see the morning?


3 out of 5 Stars – Wicked haunted house tale.

3 out of 5 Stars – Horr-ibly wicked party








It was one of those old houses, the ones you see in all the scary films or the ones that are among the scary stories told to you when you were just a kid, a ramshackle Victorian home a century old, vacant, empty, haunted.

A car pulled up in front of this house and stopped. Its lights spread across the weedy overgrown lawn, and the dead landscaping. This light also highlighted a large front porch. This empty porch was now sagging in all the wrong spots.

Inside the car were five people, aged 18–25. Kevin, Scott, Robert, Suzy and her girlfriend Nancy. They all attended the local college together, and they studied very similar subjects. It made them instant friends.

They were out on this night, and at this house for one reason, Halloween. They wanted a good scare, and a cheap thrill to make this holiday perfect. Little did they know, they were about to get everything they desired, and so much more.

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Haiku – Stormy Night and The Morning After

Dead leaves on the deck

Lying on the wet surface

Filled with rain water

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Wednesday’s Quotes (9/28/2016): Famous Words from Famous Writers – Hugh Howey

“I use social media not to ask new people to like my stuff.

I use social media to connect with that one reader who likes my stuff.”

Hugh Howey

Source: TOP 25 QUOTES BY HUGH HOWEY | A-Z Quotes

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Haiku – Oak Tree at War

Fall carpet bombing

Acorns slamming on the roof

Over and over

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Book Reviews: Angel Time and A Few Short Story Collections


This was a book I didn’t mean to own. I asked for the rest of The Vampire Chronicles series for Christmas a few years ago and I wound up getting this one as well. I am glad I did. This was a great read from start to finish. I am always hesitant to read new books by Anne because she has been hit or miss, but this one is well worth the time. I think Prince Lestat wasn’t as grand as the others in the series because she has moved on from writing about those kinds of stories. You can tell by reading Angel Time that she is passionate again about a certain kind of subject matter. Believe me, it shows. I am now curious about the others in this series. I might have to check them out.


I also read these three short story collections recently and didn’t write a review for them. I thought I would give them a nod so you can check them out for yourself.


Of the three I read, this one was my favorite. Unique and different with very original stories. There isn’t a bad one in this collection.



Most of these stories were amazing, King at his best, and a few even reminded me of the old King back when he wrote “It” and “The Stand.” There were also a few that I wouldn’t read again and one long poem that I read purely because it was King. If it had been anyone else I would have skipped it. If you like King (like me) then this is a must read. Even when he is off he is still great at what he does.



This is another great collection of short stories. It is a quick read, but there are some really good ones in here. I would recommend it, especially for the upcoming Halloween season.


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Haiku – 3 Looks at Carry

Amusement park closed

Daddy carries his daughter

Passed out in his arms


A boat on the sea

Waves carry the brave sailor

Forward towards home


Through the fire and flames

One by one he carried them

No man left behind


For more prompts like “carry” go here: Haiku Horizons


I kept hearing these songs when I wrote this.

I thought I would share.


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Haiku – 9/25/2016

A fall like rustle

Green leaves blowing back and forth

On a gentle breeze

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Haiku – Mobile Haunts

Technology ghosts

Unused apps on our desktops

Waiting to be used

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Cover Song Saturday: Epica – Imperial March

It has been a while since I posted something for Cover Song Saturday, but this was such a cool version of this song that I thought I had to share it. Will Cover Song Saturday return? Will it crawl out from the blogging ooze to be reborn? Not sure, but I hope you enjoy this one this week. Love this cover version combining two of my favorite things – Star Wars and Metal.





So, use the force and tell me which one you prefer? I like both of them, but you will never go wrong with the original. It is classic and timeless. It will transcend the ages.


Something just for fun.

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Friday Freebies (9/23/2016): Need to Feed

Need to Feed - High Resolution

Another year. Another massacre looming. When the sun rises on the Old West town of Saltwater Junction this town will face head on two fierce predators. Vampires who stalk you in the sunlight, and werewolves that transform with the sunrise. This short story rewrites the legends and all you’ve ever known about these creatures of the night. Where do you go when there’s no place left to hide?


5 out of 5 Stars – Kudos for a new spin






The afternoon shifted into dusk; and as the full moon set in over the water, highlighting two brown crosses and two freshly dug graves, the sheriff stopped at the last house in his jurisdiction. He was happy with the work his town had put into getting ready for tomorrow’s onslaught. They had boarded up windows and fortified doors, double checked their locks, and made sure they had plenty of silver bullets and bullets dipped in holy water. All seemed well, all seemed right, until he reached this small two-bedroom house where a young wife and husband lived. The house had been boarded up properly, but the front door was hanging open. It was dark inside the house, no lights burning, and that is what had grabbed the sheriff’s suspicions.

He looked back towards town, and he saw multiple lights burning, flames on wicks cutting through the oncoming night. It was just this house that wasn’t showing signs of life. He knew that meant trouble, but he hoped he wasn’t right about that.

His brown horse whinnied underneath him, and he patted Betsy’s side to comfort her.

He slipped off the saddle, and dropped to the ground, pure silver spurs jingling.

“It’s okay, girl, just stay put while I check it out,” he replied, wishing he had his deputy by his side. Always best to have back up in situations like this.

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Haiku – 9/22/2016

Bright morning sunrise

Cancelled by dark rain filled clouds

Another gloomy day

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Haiku – After the Season

Fall leaves dance about

Across the wooden boardwalk

As the waves rumble


Inspiration struck after reading this article.

Sure, few lucky ducks get to the beach all year round (we’re looking at you Florida), but for most of us, fall means it’s time to hang up our swimsuits for the season. Luckily, there are a few sandy shores across the country which offer an extra incentive to visit after Labor Day. At these seven spots, the beach gets better when the days get shorter — meaning you can continue your seaside excursions well into the autumn months. Source: 7 Beaches That Are Better In The Fall – Margaritaville Blog

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Haiku – 9/21/2015

Nature cries relief

Three days filled with clouds and rain

Free from scorching heat

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Wednesday’s Quotes (9/21/2016): Famous Words from Famous Writers – Virginia Woolf

“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”

Virginia Woolf

Source: Google Search

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Haiku – Autumn Changes

Rain upon the deck

Yellow leaves scattered about

Fall is in the air

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Haiku – 3 Looks at Frog

A slimy red tongue

Zipping through the warm swamp air

Frog snatches a fly


Under a red sky

Frogs sing out to the morning

Hoping for showers


In the nighttime sky

Full moon casting its soft light

On the frog filled pond


For more prompts like “frog” go here: Haiku Horizons

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Haiku – Ground Cover

In the morning fog

Crickets chirping, birds singing

Covered by the mist

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Haiku – 9/18/2016

A small taste of fall

Dew on the parched summer grass

Offering relief

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Friday Freebies (9/16/2016): AWOL: A Character Lost Part 1


How far will he go to get home?

Will Vampires, Werewolves, Monsters, and Aliens deter him?

What will he endure to find his family?

Acclaimed author Anthony Renfro has a problem. As his fans wait anxiously for his next release, a character he has created tumbles out of the pages of his book and comes to life. With no clear story or plot in Anthony’s head, he must work together with this character in order to find out what story he belongs in before the critics and fans come pounding on Anthony’s door. AWOL: A Character Lost is a horror/science fiction novel about an author’s worst fears come to life.




Outside in the night-time sky there was a round silver disc, flying fast, in landing mode. Its destination was Earth, and it wouldn’t be long before it set down somewhere close to the cabin the character was now building a fire in.


The fire cracked and popped as the character warmed himself in front of it. He took off his coat and did another glance around the room. The familiarity with everything was just eerie. Had he been here before? Come to think of it, how did he get here? His brain was jumbled. Not only could he not remember this place, which he felt like he should, but he also couldn’t remember where he had come from. How had he come to stand in front of this fireplace enjoying this nice warm fire? He had no idea.

He took a seat on the couch and dropped his head into his hands. He heard a rustling from inside the bathroom (the one to the left of the fireplace), and then he heard a commode flush. He stood up, and looked at the door.

Someone was in there.

The character slipped back into the small kitchen with the humming fridge (which also reflected a decade long since past) and waited.

The door handle started to turn.

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