Poem – Something Tropical

Aspirations of a Beach Bum

A cold beer drips softly in the tropical heat,

a soft stroll along a beach that is deserted,

women with soft skin all around,

time a drift and never asserted.

Set in the motion of the tropics,

where the humid breeze warms your skin,

the sun sets upon a peaceful sunny day,

a place where the rat race is a sin.

Kick back in the shade of a blowing palm,

watch the roll of the soft blue ocean,

where the breeze stirs the trees,

and the parrots make the commotion.

A simple place in time,

life a constant ease,

with the only thing working,

the soft and warm gentle breeze.

Aspirations of a beach bum,

the sun and sand your resume,

ocean watching your daily job,

the love of life the only thing to pay.

The Cowboy and The Sea

A lonely cowboy stands by the shore,

watching the waves roll and break,

he holds the reins of his horse by his side,

with the end of the day on the make.

The sun cascades into the water,

a gentle drop of a ball,

with fiery red embers,

mixed with the cool late taste of fall.

He mounts his trusty steed,

replaces the hat on his head,

rides down towards the sunset,

with the waves breaking red.

He rides towards love,

the direction of home,

for never again will he stray,

or forever will he roam.

A woman waits for him there,

so patient and still,

never giving up on her cowboy,

never breaking her will.

With this last thought he is off,

a gallop of speed so blind,

for in a few hours he will be in her arms,

no longer just a memory upon his mind.