Poem – Pirates and Mermaids

ode to Pirates

Take to the seas,

a sailor’s life you please.

Plunder, pillage, do what you do,

man that ship – man that crew.

 Pirates and Mermaids

of Pirates and Mermaids

I’ve heard told,

stories from sailors,

centuries old.

We know of pirates,

they did exist,

but of mermaids,

was there a twist?

Did the legend get changed?

year to year,

mouth to mouth,

ear to ear.

Maybe sea monsters,

or other things from the deep,

where down in its dark heart,

the secrets it keeps.

Perhaps we will never know,

if mermaids did exist,

but of this I do know,

their legend is hard to resist.

ode to Mermaids 

A sailors aid.

A deadly raid.

A siren song.

A luring wrong.