Poems – In A Tropical Mood

Nestled In The Tropics

Nestled in the tropics,

a little borrowed piece of sand,

a place full of endless margaritas,

listening to a calypso band.

A warm breeze off the ocean,

quickly drying the sweat upon my head,

mixing with the friendly locals,

talking to a woman dressed in red.

A familiar song comes out of the band,

a Jimmy Buffett kind of feel,

set against the atmosphere of palms,

with time the only thing to kill.


On my boat,

out at sea,

nothing but love,

all for me.

I feel the waves,

crashing around,

I feel my boat,

on water’s ground.

Life at ease,

all for me,

just looking for tropical bars,

where I will be.

Sitting with a cold drink,

drinking Margaritas,

propped up on a stool,

kissing senoritas.

What a life,

just spinning around,

never stopping,

endless ground.

Just loving each day,

loving each night,


feeling so right.

A Wandering Dream

As I watch the boats,

setting sail upon the blue ocean,

I feel my heart rise,

lifting to a pirate notion.

Wanting to be among,

the motley cast and crew,

wanting to be a pirate,

if only for an hours few.

Alas, I am a mere dreamer,

casting out from the shore,

but how I love to cast,

if only for a moment, nothing more.