Poem – The Bubble Gum Tree

A new journey has begun in my poetry writing.  I plan to start writing poems for kids and poems that parents can read to their kids.  I hope to maybe get enough of them together to make a book someday with plenty of picture drawings to go along with them.

Let me know what you think.

Come and take a walk,

take a walk with me,

and we will go to find,

the Bubble Gum Tree.


There we will sit,

hours on end.

Just you and me,

my little friend.


We will look at the colors,

all around,

and munch on the pieces,

that have fallen on the ground.


We will,

laugh and play,

blowing bubbles,

all the day.


Then when the evening sets,

and the day is done.

Home we will go,

with the setting sun.


But do not fret,

another day we’ll see,

when you and I will sit,

under the Bubble Gum Tree.


6 thoughts on “Poem – The Bubble Gum Tree

  1. I remember my son’s discovery of a funny poetry book called ‘The Spot on My Bum’, by Gez Walsh. I believe it made him want to read more – and now he writes! If you can turn children on to reading and sharing writing, it has to be a good thing x

    1. I would love to have an honor like that. Reading is such a great place for kids. I hope my son takes up the habit my wife and I have when it comes to reading. It is getting to be lost among the youth today.

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