A Trilogy of Freebies (Need to Feed, SHe, Killer Treads) Part 2

All three of these stories are running free today.

If you ever wanted to read about Vampires who stalk you in the daylight, a monster who attacks only women, or a treadmill that thirsts for blood then today is your day.

I know it is a pain in the butt to hop off of this page and go to another, but if you follow this link to my short story page you will find all the links for these stories there: https://awrenfro.com/short-stories-for-sell/.

Example from Need to Feed: Dawn’s light was on the horizon.

A foul crispness filled the morning air, as the Vampires stood in a dusty patch of Earth, and stared off in the direction of Saltwater Junction.

These creatures stood about seven feet tall on thick muscular tree trunk sized legs. They wore dark pants over these legs and no shoes on their big ugly grey skinned feet. Claws hung off the ends of their toes like talons. Nothing covered their ripped and muscular grey skinned upper body. Their heads were bald, their fangs long and white, and their eyes were red and glowing. They had two pointy bat-like ears standing out on either side of their head, and this gave them superior immortal hearing.

On leashes at their sides, like dogs, were mutated human beings. They were shackled around the neck with big red collars that had metal loops on the end of them. Attached to these loops were leather lines that led up to the Vampire’s right or left hand. These mutated humans were on all fours with wide hypnotized eyes, foaming mouths, and bruised flesh. They were naked, and the punishment they had endured to become what they now were was clearly evident. Whipping scars covered them from head to toe.

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