Cover Reveal and A Free Promotion for A Zombie New Year’s Eve


Well, there it is. Again, I know it is wicked early for this story, but there is no better time to go ahead and get this one which is now back on Amazon. You can grab a free copy today at the links below.

A special thanks goes out to Laura for the Beta Read.

Enjoy the new intro.

The city of Raleigh stood dark and lifeless behind a small single-story home where a thriving family once lived.

Sleet was falling hard, and bouncing off the silent objects of this now-broken world.

Three men hurried their way up the porch steps of this house, as the sun started to approach the horizon, choked out by dark grey clouds. The men looked at each other, and then one of them reached down and tested the front door handle.


He slipped open the door to the sounds of a roaring fire, and bright light that covered the room where the woman they were chasing slept on a couch, unarmed.

The three men had been traveling up I-40 when they saw the girl walk up one of the exit ramps, a ramp that used to lead into the busy city of Raleigh. They hadn’t seen a prize like this in a long time, so they were more than happy to track her through the city filled with some of the thickest zombie hordes they had ever seen. They had fought their way through, just like the girl on the couch, surviving on instincts and human determination.

The man who had opened the door, turned back to his friends and gave them the okay sign, as he stepped into the warmth and out of the cold. The other two guys slithered in behind him.

Once inside, the door now closed and locked, they eyed their sleeping prize as she slept in peaceful slumber on the couch.

Hormones began to race, as common sense slipped from their brains and into their pants. They had worked hard to get this one this time, and they were going to enjoy her.

“Should we do it now?” Darren Ivy asked, standing close to the couch, looking her over, almost bursting with excitement.

“Let her wake up first,” Ted Jensen replied.


“It’s more fun that way. More sporting. You have to let her fight for it, think she has a chance,” Greg replied, warming himself by the fire.

Darren looked down at the girl, and back to his traveling companions. “We’ll I can at least help her wake up,” he replied, and sat down beside her. The girl didn’t move or stir, exhaustion acting like a sleeping pill, putting her into a deep slumber, so deep that her danger instincts hadn’t gone off with the weight of the man inches from her side.

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    1. Thanks. Glad you liked it. I thought it kind of fit the love idea in the book and it also looks like an invitation to a party, which is perfect for New Years.

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