A Zombie Thanksgiving is free on 11/5 and 11/6!


(Revised and Updated 2015) A short story about a woman who risks life and limb in a Zombie Apocalypse in order to keep the Thanksgiving tradition alive.

5 out of 5 stars: Keeping hope alive.

4 out of 5 stars: Wonderful story of giving and hope.



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If you don’t have a Kindle and you have another kind of e-reader shoot me an email and let me know. I can send you the EPUB or PDF version of this short story so you don’t have to miss out on this free promotion.

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Excerpt from A Zombie Thanksgiving:

Dawn stopped on the other side, and shined her light across the back of the store, eyes looking the place over. All around her was destruction. The horde that had descended on this place hadn’t stopped at the parking lot or the front of the store. They had proceeded to this area as well, ransacking the place like a pack of wild animals.

As she stood there, Dawn could see that day in her head, the first day of the invasion, the day the world knew a Zombie Apocalypse wasn’t just a horror genre or a joke or something you watched weekly on AMC. This was the real deal, and it was happening now. She could see the trucks and cars backed up to the loading bay doors, people hauling out supplies, pushing, shoving, screaming, fighting to maintain that last little bit of life still left in the world. Most of them wouldn’t survive that day or that week or maybe that month, but as they scrambled for supplies they still had hope, hope that maybe they would be okay. That was enough to keep them going even as the world they knew fell apart around them.

She pushed the thoughts away, and walked over to the small door that employees and truckers used to use to enter the building. It was closed, but it had an electronic lock, which meant without power it wasn’t locked. She found a couple of non-broken pallets and leaned them against this door. Probably not enough to hold back a hungry zombie or a looter, but if they fell over the sound would at least alert her.

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