Cover Reveal: A Long Journey off a Short Pier (6 Short Stories) and it’s free to read today (11/30)

A Long Journey

I really dig this cover. I used Pixabay and CreateSpace Cover Creator in order to make it. I am amazed at how well it turned out. This one just conveys a great horror vibe.

Now, you may be asking yourself this. Don’t you already have a collection of horror short stories and aren’t these same stories featured in that 13 story collection? The answer would be yes, but the reason why I put this one out was because I was trying to clean up my Amazon Page. Years back I put this collection out when I had only a handful of short stories. I was able to take down the Kindle file and replace it with Nightlight Tales, but the Paperback was set in stone. I had to retire it and create a new Paperback for my latest collection of short stories. There’s where the problem started. A Long Journey off a Short Pier was now retired, but it was still available on my Amazon Page as an out of print item. I honestly just didn’t like having that hanging around. So I decided to make a second collection of short stories in order to make my Amazon Page look nice again. I still have a few more retired paperbacks I hope to find a way to put back out again, but for now those will have to hang in limbo.

Here are the links to purchase it.

It is available in EBook and Paperback form.

Ebook (free today  – 11/30)