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Sara undressed in the darkness of her bedroom, and stood there naked for a moment.

A car rushing by outside caught her attention.

She walked over to the window, and looked out onto the street, not shy at all about anyone seeing her the way she was.

There was a streetlight to the left, casting odd angles of light into the room, and a full moon above in the dark black sky. She could see a few palm trees blowing nearby, and a now-empty, deserted street. She felt like she was the only one still left alive on this planet at this hour of the night.

“Another late shift. This job is going to kill you before you have a chance to die of natural causes,” she replied to herself, and then made her way into the bathroom.

The noise Sara had heard moments ago, the one with the hungry growl, moved up to Sara’s apartment door. It sniffed around the frame, making sure it was indeed a female it had smelled moments ago.


It smelled estrogen, and knew what it needed was within mere feet of its grasp.