A Vampire at Christmas is Free – 12/19/2015

Vampire at Christmas - High Resolution

(Revised and Updated 2015) A short story about a Vampire who uses his riches and immortal skills to bring joy to those in need during the Christmas Season.


5 out of 5 stars: A deadly and dashing vampire

5 out of 5 stars: A great read



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The tomb was silent.

Centuries had passed since that fateful night when Talan had been born into the world of darkness and shadow.

A naked, artificial, green Christmas tree (replaced every season) stood in one corner of this tomb; and there were no ornaments on this tree, no garland of any kind. The coffin he slept in was decorated with thick silver tinsel, and it draped and wrapped itself around this orifice of death like a shiny snake. Talan dared not play Christmas music because he was afraid of drawing attention to himself. People might discover his hiding place if they heard music playing up from somewhere deep in the Earth, no matter how far into the woods he made his lair. The tree and the decorated coffin were more than enough to keep him in a Christmas mood.

Talan raised the lid of the coffin (black, kind of rectangle, with gold handles and gold trim), stretched, and then pulled himself up and out of his bed. He was tall and lanky, six foot five, turned to the blood at the ripe young age of 25. He had kind, softened, yellow eyes, smooth cream colored skin, few wrinkles, and no facial hair. The brown hair on top of his head crawled down to the middle part of his back – clean and well groomed.

He put the small item he slept with each night into the coffin and closed the lid. He took his small IPod out of his pocket, and slipped the ear buds out of his ear. He checked the battery. Almost dead. He found the power chord to it, and placed it along with the IPod into his pocket.

He took a moment to look around at his home tomb.