Free to Read: Killer Treads – 1/6/2015




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“This is easy. I could do this all night.” That was Bob’s first thought, as he strolled with the slow pace of the belt underneath his new running shoes, which were springy and cushy.

“Let’s go a little faster then,” the floating head replied, as its eyes squinted in a bit.

The belt underneath Bob’s feet picked up some speed, and the mileage counter jumped without warning from 1 mile to 10 miles.

“Hey buddy. I think your mileage thing is out of whack,” Bob replied, trying to stay with the current speed of the belt. He was starting to struggle, as a pain ran up his side, across his heart, and down his left arm.

“Just a minor glitch. I’ll slow it down a bit. Guess that was a little too fast to last. Too many doughnuts and beer does not make a heart healthy I hear. Ain’t that right, Bob?” The floating head replied with an evil chuckle, and slowed the moving belt under Bob’s feet down to a crawl.

Bob, for the first time, kind of got spooked. Twenty dollars or no twenty dollars, he was starting to think that maybe getting onto this thing was a bad idea, maybe the worse one he had ever had.

Bob reached out for the rails, and gripped them tight. He held onto them, and tried to get his breath back.

The rails, man he shouldn’t have grabbed onto those rails, because the minute Bob grabbed the rails the treadmill had him where it wanted him.

A burning feeling suddenly took hold of Bob’s hands, and then a smell of burning flesh reached his nose. It felt like his hands were holding a burner on a stove top turned up to high heat. He could feel his skin starting to melt and burn as he tried frantically to remove them; but no luck, his hands weren’t going anywhere.