Another Sunday and More Zombie Stories Free to Read: A Zombie New Year’s Eve, The Dead of Winter, and A Zombie Thanksiving

Yes, another Sunday has arrived and more zombies for you to consume, much like those walkers hunting for your precious flesh. So, read on to see how you can get your copy today.


He made his way out of the parking lot, and Dawn took another quick scan. No zombies about, just Mike evaporating into the distance. She turned back to the store, steadied her nerves, and turned on her light (this light was on a strap that ran around her head, so she could keep her hands free).  She made sure her weapons were ready to do the job they were meant to do, knife in place and gun ready to fire. She started to walk, ever so slightly, crunching on broken glass, moving from the light into the dark.

The smell inside the store wasn’t pleasant. All kinds of putrid things in a state of decay mingled and danced together in the non-air-conditioned air. Those smells were having a nice party in this tight enclosed airless space. Dawn tried to hold her breath and not breathe in too much of it, as she stopped just inside the double doors. She kneeled down in front of two bodies that were dead, flat, and squished. These bodies (elderly man and woman) looked like they had fallen down and nobody had bothered to help them up as the crowd trampled over them in a mad rush for supplies. She said a prayer for them, and then stood up. That’s when she heard it. It was a clicking sound, silent electronic keys being punched over and over again, hard to hear unless you were inside the store. She turned her light in the direction of that sound.


Standing at one of the cash registers was a zombie, still dressed in her pink and grey “County Supermarket” uniform, partially eaten, name tag askew. Most of her face was gone, and she had huge chunks of flesh taken out of her neck and arms. She was still doing her job, punching keys on the register and scanning a can over and over again across a silent sensor. She didn’t even notice Dawn, as Dawn stood there smiling at the absurdity. The light on Dawn’s head also showed a dead body lying over the conveyor belt, a can of something in his hand. A can of something he would never need. Dawn wondered if this guy was one of the tramplers. Stepping on that elderly couple at the front of the store, ignoring the pleas of the two dying underneath the charging crowd. If he was one of those tramplers, then what good had it done him to ignore them? His life was just as wasted as those two flattened corpses.


A Zombie New Year’s Eve has a new cover. It is finally getting to where I want it to be. There are a few things with it that bug me, but I think it captures the spirit of that holiday.


You can get your free copies by clicking the links below. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can email me at I can send you an EPUB or PDF of the story you want.