One More Time, Free to Read Today: A Zombie Thanksgiving


Yes, I updated this cover a bit. Added the turkey, lightened it up. I don’t think this is the final version, but it might be one I run with for a while. I would love to hear your thoughts on it.


Dawn sat there a moment, collecting herself, listening to that rustling at the door; whatever was outside this room really wanted to be inside. She looked around and realized, she was sitting in pitch black. The light on top of her head had been on when she fell asleep and had burnt out while she dreamed.

She tossed the strap with the light on it and rushed across the room to her bag. While she rummaged in the bag, she realized the rustling sound that woke her up, was the wooden legs of the desk sliding across the floor. The desk was moving away from its protective position, as someone or something slowly entered the room.

Dawn plowed quicker through her bag, rummaging blindly in the dark through everything in it. She found no back up light. She had forgotten the spare, but she didn’t panic. She stayed calm and cool, as she grabbed her pistol, making sure it was cocked and ready, and backed away from the door.