Do you want a free copy of The Dead of Winter?

I honestly just feel like spilling out hate upon hate towards Amazon’s new EBook Giveaways. The main reason is that if you don’t get enough people to enter then the prize goes unclaimed. That just seems so unfair to me to those who entered the contest. If 1 or all 250 people have put in their time and effort to follow you and join this contest then someone should get rewarded no matter how many have entered. I love Amazon for all they have done for self-published artists, but I don’t like the way they are handling their EBook Giveaways. I think there is a lot more tweaking to be done before this is the perfect system it needs to be. Don’t you think?

Anyway, the contest for The Dead of Winter has ended and the prize has once again gone unclaimed. Frustrated by this of course, but I thought I might make a good out of a bad. If you would like to receive 3 free short stories and don’t mind leaving me a review then click the link below. Thanks again for reading and following this blog.


Will they be food for the zombies? 

This short story is about two men trying to survive an apocalyptic nightmare in a harsh frozen landscape. Hoping to find warmth and shelter. Hoping to ride out the night. Hoping the zombies don’t find them first.
Bonus Short Story: A Haunted House Tale – This short story is about five college students on Halloween night who set out to discover the secrets of the town’s most famous haunted house. Will these students live to see the morning or will this house claim five more victims?

Bonus Short Story: Demon Energy
– A short story about 1 man possessed and tormented by a 1000 demons who must fight for a soul he is starting to lose. Will he ever find salvation or is his body now an eternal host of hell?