A Musical Tribute for a Dead Blog

When I start a blog I’m all like this.

Then when I realize it just isn’t catching fire (no likes, no views, no comments) then it feels something like this.

Then finally when I reach my wall and throw in the towel it feels just like this.

With that said, another blog bites the dust. I had planned to move all my promotions and stuff over to my latest blog Crushing Self-Publishing, but it just wasn’t taking off. So, I am moving them all back here. It was also taking too much time and effort to run three blogs. One had to go, and the fledgling that wasn’t flying just had to be it. Good news for you. I have had some cool ideas over there that I am putting in here. Like Wednesday’s Quotes from famous authors and Friday freebies. I will also post my latest covers that I have designed from scratch. All of which you can see (along with a few other nuggets of goodness) by checking out the CRUSHING SELF-PUBLISHING section on the right hand side of this blog. Of course poetry will always be the primary focus here so do not worry. The other things are just side projects to help me keep the blog interesting.

So, how many blogs have you started and stopped? I think I might be in the double digits by now. This blog has been the only one that has sustained over the years.


4 thoughts on “A Musical Tribute for a Dead Blog

  1. I loved Ren & Stimpy. Even have an official T=-hirt. LOL I’ve never had more than one blog but I did co-host one and eventually was the only one posting on it. Had to stop because I was neglecting both blogs with not enough time.

    1. It really is hard to run more than one blog. You just can’t give the time you need to each one of them. I have two now, but one of them I share with two friends. I post once a week in that one and that’s it. The rest of my time is spent here.

  2. Obviously the effects of doing too much, I’m two months behind on reading posts. I’m gonna be honest that building another blog is hard work but I guess when I think of the other blog as just a side hobby, its not too bad even when its not a whole lot views 🙂

    1. I currently have three going. Two here, one on NIUME, which is very addictive. Hard to serve so many, but this one here is my first priority.

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