Friday Freebies (5/13): Nightlight Tales

Nightlight Tales - High Resolution

13 tales of terror.

13 tales that will have you reaching for the nightlight before you go to bed tonight.







The waves roared onto the shore, pounding and tearing apart the coastline. The night was calm, cloudless, but the waves seemed to be agitated and angry, like they were being stirred up by a hurricane.

The moon above them painted the beach with a soft light, but this light was unnatural. It was too bright, too shiny, and too yellow.

The grains of sand under their feet seemed to move as they stepped on it, and they were just a little too white, a little too squirmy to be just regular grains of sand.

The cliff walls seemed to be wet with something dark, blood or water, who could really tell, and Seth thought he saw things lurking just under the creepy overhanging trees with the limbs that seemed to be reaching down towards them. Was that yellow eyes, lots and lots of yellow eyes staring down from up above?

Seth turned away before he lost his nerve and bolted for home. He turned his face up to the sea breeze, and let it cool his hot clammy skin.