Friday Freebies (7/15/2016): Nightlight Tales

Nightlight Tales - High Resolution

13 tales of terror.

13 tales that will have you reaching for the nightlight before you go to bed tonight.







Seth watched Junior disappear, no that’s not the right way to say it. He watched as Junior was swallowed up, like the strange portal just ate him whole, bones and all.

Seth kicked a few yellow rocks, found his courage and once again, followed along.

A white sand beach greeted his tennis shoes when Seth stepped through to the other side. He looked over at Junior, who was standing there looking out across the pristine blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, eyes wide and staring.

Waves with white foamy breakers were crashing hard onto the shore, splashing water, breaking up the sand, as a bright orange sun hung high in a deep blue cloudless sky. The sky though, like the water, was richer in color on this side of the cave, so was the sand underneath their feet.

“Where are the people?” Seth asked, looking around, taking the flashlight from Junior. He turned it off, and put it into his back pack, the one they always used when they went exploring. The flashlight rested inside the bag with some beef jerky, candy, water, fake vomit and fake pee. “Should be lots of them here for such a nice day.”

Junior didn’t respond, as he eyeballed the area, and made a mental map of what he was seeing.

This beach was small and crescent shaped, tucked into three tall rock walls, one behind them, two on either side of them. These slick bare rock walls ran up into the sky, ending in sharp ledges filled with creepy overhanging trees, gnarled and leafless. Their limbs, like arms, reached down towards the boys . . .


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