Haiku – Shouting for Peace

Voices like the wind

Mighty, strong, and powerful

Calling out for change


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9 thoughts on “Haiku – Shouting for Peace

  1. Hi, would you like to add this to collaboration for Peace. Or if you can write a new poem or have an existing piece about peace and our times today, then we’d love to see it added….we need voices.
    If you go here and add it to the comments section and it will be added for you. I hope you can. Thank you. if you need any other info. let me know.

  2. Hello! from a fellow blogger. The anthology for Poets for Peace is going to be published on September 21 fin the Praxis On-line Magazine. We are looking to get permissions from all the contributors to have them published. If you agree, then you can either go to Forgotten Meadows and leave a comment with your name, poem, and URL saying Praxis has your permission. Or you can email me at writingwingsforyou@gmail.com

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