Cover Song Saturday: Mumford and Sons and Elvis Costello – The Ghost of Tom Joad

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I will always go with the original of this song – just smooth and thought-provoking with that acoustic sound and Bruce’s voice. His voice alone makes the original heads and tails above the cover. It just sounds so mournful, so full of despair, so full of hopelessness. With that said, the cover version is great to listen to. It does capture the spirit of the original, but it just doesn’t punch you in the gut like that version.

So, original or cover?

I also like this version of it a lot. Killer guitar work and Tom’s voice sounds great singing these lyrics.

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7 thoughts on “Cover Song Saturday: Mumford and Sons and Elvis Costello – The Ghost of Tom Joad

  1. I gotta go with the original on this one. It’s one of Bruce’s finest songs in my opinion.

    • I agree. Bruce has several versions of this song and they all are great.

      • His version with Tom Morello on guitar is blistering.

      • Yeah, really like that version. He has a few more off of his album Tom Joad that he has made electric. Really great to listen to.

      • The song that comes to mind first and foremost is Youngstown; he turns that one electric and on the Live in New York City CD Nils Lofgren’s guitar work is amazing on that tune.

      • That is the one I was thinking about. He also has a few off of Nebraska that is done that way as well.

      • The title track from that brilliant album being one of them.

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