Friday Freebies (8/5/2016): A Zombie New Year’s Eve

I know you are shaking your head as you read this post, and saying to yourself-“Why are you offering this story free at this time of year?”

There are many reasons for this free promotion.

First, I finally have a cover for it that I think I’m sold on. I really do like the look of this one. What do you think?


The reds, the blacks, it all flows together to make a very ominous looking cover. I think this cover will stand out not only at the holidays, but throughout the year.

Another reason why I am running this one free is because my new short story “The Lot” (about a Christmas Tree lot with bad stuff happening around it) has been included as a bonus short story. This will be the first time this one will be available for Kindle. It is currently running free on NIUME (if you want to read it).

So, today, you not only get a snazzy new cover, but a brand new bonus short story when you download this one for free.

Now, the description: this short story is about Becky and Joe who are separated in a Zombie Apocalypse and risk life and limb in order to reunite for their New Year’s Eve kiss.

Here’s where you can get it.







He heard noises inside the mud room and turned to face it. The zombies had arrived and were now finding their way in through the open window. It sounded like slabs of beef dropping onto the floor, as they fell into the room one by one. Seconds later, they started to paw at the door that led into the kitchen.

Joe decided he better get on with the exploration of the house, because he wasn’t sure how much time he really had. Something momentarily stopped him, caused him to freeze in mid-movement. He turned towards the sound. It was a rattle of silverware in one of the drawers, like someone was shuffling through them trying to find the right one to use for their meal.

He walked over to this drawer, opened it, and shined the light down. In the gloom of the room, he could see everything was in place, and as it should be. He closed the drawer (soft close), stepped out of the kitchen, and into a hallway.

He paused again when he heard the silverware rattle.

It was a bit louder this time.

“Happy thoughts Joe, happy thoughts,” he replied to himself, as he tried to make his brain think that the rattle was caused by the zombies in the mud room shaking the floors of the house, and not something else. Hard to do in a place this dark and spooky, but he managed to do it as he went back to his exploration.


This is also available in paperback if you prefer it that way.