Do you dare to enter the cornfield? Cover Reveal and Pre-Order: Fear of the Scarecrow


This short story is about a desperate man hungry for revenge.

Sometimes revenge comes with a price.






He tripped and fell, and then while standing and dusting himself off he cursed his wife under his breath. He also cursed the old woman by the river who had told him of the field and the scarecrow that hung somewhere inside it. She had told him that revenge would be his once he found the scarecrow, but if he was meant to have revenge only he could find it. She couldn’t tell him anymore than that, so here he was, drunk, pissed off, five hundred-dollar shoes covered in dirt and shit, and his legs aching from the random endless walk.

Then, as if in a dream, he stumbled into an open circle surrounded by stalks of corn that almost seemed to be staring at him with multiple yellow eyes. He turned from the green stalks to a brown wooden cross sitting in the center of the circle. Tied to it was a scarecrow with a head and face made of burlap. It had long yellow-brown straw hair, hand drawn triangle black eyes and circled nose, and a gash in the fabric that looked like a mouth. It wore a faded red and black checkered shirt and was covered in overalls. Dirty black boots, loosely laced, covered its feet.


 This is one of two new short stories I have available for Pre-Order on Amazon. I will be posting up about “The Lot” (my other Pre-Order) next Thursday. I hope to have two more short stories available soon and then another small 6 short story collection shortly after that. Trying to keep myself on top of the game, and keep as much fresh stuff on the market as I can. Anyway, “Fear of the Scarecrow” sprung forth from a Haiku I wrote for this blog. It isn’t a long short story, but you get it and two other short stories for the price of 99 cents. That comes out to be just under 35 cents for each short story. Honestly, where can you buy anything that entertains you for that price? Just saying.

So, if you want a good scare or maybe a good gross out then swing on over and grab this one today. I hope you enjoy all three of them. Here are the two bonus short stories included with this new short story. This is also the first time “Gluten Free” has ever been released into the market.

Thanks again for reading and enjoying my work.

 Bonus Short Story: Gluten Free

Suicide by Gluten? In this short story one man opts out in a most unusual way.

Bonus Short Story: A Haunted House Tale

This short story is about five students on Halloween night who discover the secrets and terrors of the town’s most infamous haunted house.


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