Friday Freebies (9/9/2016): Fear of the Scarecrow


This short story is about a desperate man hungry for revenge. Sometimes revenge comes with a price.






A pumpkin.

An uncarved giant orange-brown pumpkin.

Samantha looked at Ben and he looked at her. They both then looked up towards the window, feeling watched. The scarecrow was looking in on them, unmoving, unblinking. It just stared with its glowing green eyes.

Ben scurried backwards across the bed, pushing chunks of glass into his back and butt. He never felt the pain as he dropped onto the floor and raced for his shorts.

Samantha looked from the scarecrow to the pumpkin on the floor when she started to smell something burning. Her eyes widened as the pumpkin transformed in front of her.

A flash of fire and two triangular eyes appeared. Another flash of fire, and a large open jagged mouth appeared. Then three little black creatures, naked, sexless, and covered in scales crawled forth from the newly opened portals in the pumpkin. They hopped down onto the floor and looked up at the scarecrow. It nodded towards Ben, who had somehow managed to get his underwear on and nothing else.