Friday Freebies (9/16/2016): AWOL: A Character Lost Part 1


How far will he go to get home?

Will Vampires, Werewolves, Monsters, and Aliens deter him?

What will he endure to find his family?

Acclaimed author Anthony Renfro has a problem. As his fans wait anxiously for his next release, a character he has created tumbles out of the pages of his book and comes to life. With no clear story or plot in Anthony’s head, he must work together with this character in order to find out what story he belongs in before the critics and fans come pounding on Anthony’s door. AWOL: A Character Lost is a horror/science fiction novel about an author’s worst fears come to life.




Outside in the night-time sky there was a round silver disc, flying fast, in landing mode. Its destination was Earth, and it wouldn’t be long before it set down somewhere close to the cabin the character was now building a fire in.


The fire cracked and popped as the character warmed himself in front of it. He took off his coat and did another glance around the room. The familiarity with everything was just eerie. Had he been here before? Come to think of it, how did he get here? His brain was jumbled. Not only could he not remember this place, which he felt like he should, but he also couldn’t remember where he had come from. How had he come to stand in front of this fireplace enjoying this nice warm fire? He had no idea.

He took a seat on the couch and dropped his head into his hands. He heard a rustling from inside the bathroom (the one to the left of the fireplace), and then he heard a commode flush. He stood up, and looked at the door.

Someone was in there.

The character slipped back into the small kitchen with the humming fridge (which also reflected a decade long since past) and waited.

The door handle started to turn.


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  1. I’ve just started reading AWOL: A Character Lost Part 1 and I’m loving it. I just found your short story collection Nightlight Tales on Amazon a couple of weeks ago. I am absolutely in love with your writing! Your stories are some of the best I’ve ever read.

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