Wednesday Freebies (10/5/2016): Fear of the Scarecrow


This short story is about a desperate man hungry for revenge. Sometimes revenge comes with a price.






The scarecrow looked down at him, and Tommy up at it. Their eyes locked, and a second later two bolts of green lighting shot out of the scarecrow’s eyes and entered Tommy’s. He felt his head start to swell like meat inside a microwave, and then heat and sweat raced across his body just before his eyes burst in a gooey slimy blood filled explosion. He started to scream as his soul was ripped free.

The scarecrow consumed Tommy’s soul. Greedily eating it as it took in every bit of information Tommy had inside his head. The scarecrow then released Tommy and let his body crumble lifelessly to the ground, setting off to exact Tommy’s revenge, racing into the rows of corn, and disappearing.

When the scarecrow was gone, Tommy’s body lifted off the ground and floated up to the post. His husk of a body spread out its arms and allowed the wrists to be bound to the wooden cross by rope that appeared out of thin air. When the bonds were tightly wound, the ankles crossed and fell into place. Again, rope appeared and tightened so the legs couldn’t move. Tommy then started to decay and turn, morphing and changing until he looked just like the scarecrow he was now replacing.


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