Pre-Order: The Lot


Release Date: October 21, 2016

This short story is about a Christmas Tree lot that has evil intentions.






Ernie looked from the fence to the house Gavin was trapped in. The house, like the trees and everything else around it, appeared one day as if they had dropped out of the sky. Gavin for some reason had decided to make this place a home (modeled like a gingerbread house) even though it wasn’t meant to be lived in. The house was nothing more than an empty shell, a shed with a roof and four walls, a door, and a tiny window.

Ernie grunted in the soft falling snow, as he thought of Gavin, eating and drinking who knows what, living like a hermit in a toilet free home.

Gun fire pulled Ernie out of his thoughts. He looked up in time to see a hole blast through the caramel colored front door. The cop who had been standing in front of this door, ready to kick it in, got the shot gun blast directly in the chest along with hundreds of splinters. His riddled, bloody body flew backwards through the air and landed somewhere in the nest of trees.

The other cops retreated back as Gavin stepped up to the jagged hole in the door that looked like the shape of a misshapen mouth. “I told you I can’t leave the trees! You don’t know what they’re capable of if they’re not fed!”

The cops took aim on him. How they hadn’t lit him up was beyond comprehension. Itchy trigger fingers were more than ready to go now that one of their own lay silent and dead in the snow, blood pouring out of his body like a river . . .