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She pushed the thoughts away, and walked over to the small door that employees and truckers used to use to enter the building. It was closed, but it had an electronic lock, which meant without power it wasn’t locked. She found a couple of non-broken pallets and leaned them against this door. Probably not enough to hold back a hungry zombie or a looter, but if they fell over the sound would at least alert her.

She dusted off her hands, and walked over to one of the loading bays, the only one with the door pushed up. She stood there, and looked out on the lot behind the building. There were two pickup trucks sitting silent and alone, smashed together in a head on collision. Supplies littered the ground. There were no bodies to be seen, which was a relief. She had seen enough people in death’s embrace to last her a lifetime, bout time she got a break.

While she stood there, she breathed in the fresh November air and scanned her eyes across the trees filled with dying color. She saw a zombie shuffle around the corner of the building dressed in fatigues, looking battle ready. There were no other shufflers with him.

She aimed, “Go in peace,” and fired.

The silencer on the gun poofed quietly. Another perfect head shot. The zombie fell over dead. His shuffling days were done.

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A Zombie Thanksgiving by Anthony Renfro

A Zombie Thanksgiving

by Anthony Renfro

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