Rip out some Flesh! Zombie Freebies Take 2


When Mike Beem’s community is savagely attacked, he must exact revenge on those who wronged him. He must put aside all the good he has ever accomplished in order to become someone else. A man without a moral compass. A man without right or wrong. A man who is a cold blooded killer. Will he get his justice or will he die trying? The answers lie within the pages of this short story.






It is the start of the Walking Dead this weekend, and though I have soured on the show (thanks Negan!) it still doesn’t mean I can’t get in on the excitement. I have decided to offer all of my zombie based stories free on Saturday and Sunday. Follow the links above to get your copy of the story of your choosing. Thanks again for reading this blog.


Mike raced down the street towards Benny’s white two room house, black combat boots smacking the ground underneath him. The gear he was wearing was slowing his pace, so he moved as fast as he could. Thankful he was at least wearing camo pants today. Their fabric was loose, cool, and comfortable.

When he reached the house, he slowed his pace, and moved up to the gate. It was hanging open, so he stepped through and made his way up the sidewalk to the porch. Two zombies (a man and a woman) on his left caught his attention. They had their arms around each other, swinging in the porch swing like lovers lost in love. He shot them both with two quick head shots before they could stand. They tumbled to the floor in a heap, and laid there unmoving side by side. Their weird zombie love thing now extinguished.

Mike turned to face the door, which was hanging open. The sun may have been shining, but it was dark inside the house. He took out his flashlight, put it into his mouth, cocked his gun, and stepped into the black.


Here is a list of the other stories I have running free: A Zombie Christmas 1 and 2, A Zombie Holiday Trilogy, Flesh for the Zombies, A Zombie New Year’s Eve, Vampires and Zombies, and A Zombie Thanksgiving.


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