Tuesdays with Mike and The Mike Beem Chronicles (4/11/2017): Flesh for the Zombies

When Mike Beem’s community is savagely attacked, he must exact revenge on those who wronged him. He must put aside all the good he has ever accomplished in order to become someone else. A man without a moral compass. A man without right or wrong. A man who is a cold blooded killer. Will he get his justice or will he die trying? The answers lie within the pages of this short story.

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Zombie heads exploded in rapid succession as Mike and Double Trouble cleared a path to the shelter. Miraculously, none of them got bit on their journey over to what once used to be the old club house.

The place was an absolute mess inside and out.

The exterior walls, once white and freshly painted, were now covered in scratches and gashes. It looked like someone with an ax or a knife had simply made their way around the place with the intent to only destroy. The interior wasn’t much better. The kitchen had been looted, the beds slashed with knives, the couches and chairs not only slashed and cut open, but they had been urinated on as well. The white walls and floors were also covered in blood that dripped down them in a slow river of crimson, pooling on the carpeted floor and soaking into the short beige fabric. Hand drawn in the blood and scattered throughout the room were pentagrams, upside down crosses, devil faces with horns on their heads, and on one entire wall the words “The Satanists” was scribbled in big bold letters.

“Who would do this?” Mike asked, as he tried to keep what little food he had eaten in his stomach.

“Oh my God,” Double replied before leaning over and throwing up.

Trouble hurried over to her sister and almost threw up herself before ushering both of them away from the horrific scene. They made their way into the kitchen and puked into the pee smelling sink as Mike went to see what had unsettled them so much. He almost puked when he saw it.


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