Tales from the Blog (4/16/2017): Killer Treads 2

Hope you guys are having a great Easter. Here is another new blog post from my new blog. This is Part 2 to my short story Killer Treads. Enjoy.

One Writer Ranting

It was an old sounding voice; no not old, creaky is the word I am looking for. It had the feel and sound of one of those old doors that would swing open in a scary house. You know the kind, the doors that need some oil and screech like a demon because of it. The ones that make the goose bumps rise, and the hair stand up on your arms.

“I’m calling about the treadmill,” Bob replied, nervously.

“The one I posted online?” The voice screeched.

“That’s the one. Is it really that price?”

“Do you have twenty dollars?”

“I do.”

“Is it in your hands?”


“Can it be in your hands?”

“Yes, I guess. I need to get my wallet.”

“Get it then,” the screechy voice replied.

“Hold on a minute.” Bob went downstairs and got his wallet. He then went back upstairs and picked up the…

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