Tales from the Blog (5/14/2017): Killer Treads 6

Part 6. Enjoy.

One Writer Ranting

A burning feeling suddenly took hold of Bob’s hands, and then a smell of burning flesh reached his nose. It felt like his hands were holding a burner on a stove top turned up to high heat. He could feel his skin starting to melt and burn as he tried frantically to remove them; but no luck, his hands weren’t going anywhere.

The burning subsided, and a strange coolness took over a few moments later.

Bob looked down at his hands, and saw that they were now fused to the rail. His eyes flipped up to the floating head on the screen, and it looked at him, smiled a devilish smile.

“Good luck. I hope you enjoy the run,” the floating head replied and flashed out, leaving the screen blank and dark.

The belt began to move faster underneath Bob’s feet. It was picking up speed at an alarming rate…

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