Blog Updates and Changes 2 and An Updated Cover for A Zombie Thanksgiving

I feel like I’ve been posting a bit too much lately, so I thought it might be nice to scale down a bit. This blog was meant for Haiku and Poetry, and most of you signed on for that. I hope those who did sign on for that are enjoying the new changes.

Anyway, starting this week I plan to change a few things in order to lighten the load on this blog and your inboxes (if you do get my updates in your inbox). Thursdays are now going to be my day to start posting a variety of things. Starting this week and next it will be two more of my cover reveals. After that, I will do some promoting on my latest releases (scheduled to come out in September), then start posting Cool Posters Thursday again (the last of the ones I have scheduled), and then close out the year with my Cheap Covers (that post will move off of Friday afternoons to Thursday mornings at 8). All of that will give those who follow me 5 scheduled posts a week – Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The poetry side of this blog is still going to be when the mood hits me, so that could be any hour, and day, any time of the week.

I also wanted to show you guys an updated cover for A Zombie Thanksgiving. I know last week I posted my latest cover for this short story. Well, James over at Go On Write decided to put his covers up for sale – 20 dollars until the end of June (if you need a cover then that is the place to get them). I managed to scrounge up twenty bucks from the dust and lint inside my pocket and below is the newest, latest, and officially final cover for A Zombie Thanksgiving. This short story now has a great eye-catching cover. What do you think?

To find out more about Jame’s secret sale click this link:

Okay, that’s about it. Thanks again for working with me as I continue to evolve this blog.


4 thoughts on “Blog Updates and Changes 2 and An Updated Cover for A Zombie Thanksgiving

  1. Hey hey. I had a blog prior to the Little Fears, ended up covering 12 different subjects. It rose to 10,000’ish followers and nobody ever complained diverse posts.

    I’d say keep on blogging, unless people complain or turn off, this is your space and your house on the internets. Your rules (or post subjects…) apply. 🙂

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