Tales from the Blog (9/24/2017): Devil at the Wheel 17

 “A part of what? I didn’t ask to be a part of shit!” Mike suddenly got defiant, but defiance would do him no good. It would only go as far as helping out his pride.

“You’ll make us a circle of five; the book has willed it to be so. With this complete circle, our souls will live forever. We will be eternal.”

Mike fell silent, and his eyes turned yellow. The black entities began to circle him and to recite an ancient spell, held for centuries inside the book with the glowing red pentagram on the cover.

“Five points on the pentagram”

“We will never die”

They chanted this phrase five times.

When the chant ended, the black entities dispersed.

Mike’s soul emerged from his body and turned black. He joined the other black entities, and watched Vin with triangular yellow eyes.

“Four in a circle, one more makes five,” Mike replied, as a circle formed around Vin, and they all began to chant that ancient spell once again.

“Please don’t do this.” Vin was pleading for his life. He couldn’t believe Velle would never be restored. He wouldn’t miss his family, but he would miss that car.

Vin felt his soul rising, felt it leaving his body, felt his life ending, and a new one beginning.

The End

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Starting next Sunday: Demon Energy

A short story about 1 man possessed and tormented by a 1000 demons who must fight for a soul he is starting to lose. Will he ever find salvation or is his body now an eternal host of hell?


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