Tuesday Promotions (10/24/2017): Vampires and Zombies: The Undead Collection (The Dead of Winter)

The Dead of Winter

Eric motioned to Bobby to stay put, handing the cat carrier to him as he cocked the gun and approached the truck. He tried the cab doors first, but they were both locked. A loud moan erupted from the dark, but this time it wasn’t behind them. It came from somewhere in front of them. It, like the moans behind them, was too close for comfort.

Bobby watched as Eric made his way down the side of the truck, stopping just before he reached the back. Like a cop in an old TV show, he leaned against the wall of the truck, raised the gun, took in a breath, and then stepped forward, dropping the gun to a shooting position as he did. There was no one there, human or zombie.

Eric tried the double doors, and he found them not just locked, but welded together. The moans erupted in the back ground like they enjoyed this latest fiasco.

Eric went back to the driver’s side door. He gripped the barrel of the gun and slammed the handle down into the window. It smashed on impact.

Eric grabbed a shoulder of one of the dead zombies hanging from the spike on the door, and hoisted himself up to the window. He hung there a moment with one hand, cleaning out the glass with the other. When he was sure it was clean, he dropped back down to the ground. He motioned to Bobby that it was safe to come over . . .

The stories in this chilling collection are as follows.

A Zombie Christmas

This short story is about three men who risk life and limb in a Zombie Apocalypse in order to bring happiness to surviving kids on Christmas Morning.

Need to Feed

Another year. Another massacre looming. When the sun rises on the Old West town of Saltwater Junction, its residents will come face to face with two fierce predators. Vampires who stalk you in the sunlight and werewolves that transform with the sunrise. This short story rewrites the legends and all you’ve ever known about these creatures of the night.

A Vampire at Christmas

This short story is about a Vampire who uses his riches and immortal skills to bring joy to those in need during the Christmas Season.

It Sleeps at Dawn

This short story is about a Vampire who stalks the Appalachian Mountains. A traditional Vampire who uses fangs instead of guns. He hunts. He kills. He sleeps at Dawn.

The Dead of Winter

This short story is about two men trying to survive an apocalyptic nightmare in a harsh frozen landscape. Hoping to find warmth and shelter. Hoping to ride out the night. Hoping the zombies don’t find them first.

A Zombie Christmas 2

A boy lost. A family desperate. It’s Christmas in a Zombie Apocalypse and Mike Beem is once again aiming for another Holiday miracle. His goal this year isn’t toys for the kids in the neighborhood. His goal this time is trying to save one small life so another family doesn’t have to suffer the way he suffered.

US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LYZ8GLL

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LYZ8GLL

AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01LYZ8GLL

CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01LYZ8GLL


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