Tales from the Blog (10/29/2017): Demon Energy 5


3 Days passed.

People prayed over him, comforted him, and washed him. His bindings were loosened a bit, so he could move more freely. The thousand demons had shown no sign of their presence, either vocally or physically, since the man was bound by the blessed chains. The man seemed to be recovering, but everyone still felt that there was something off. That he wasn’t truly himself even though he seemed to be.

On the morning of the third day, as another group prayed over the man, tried to help him heal, three priests appeared at the mouth of the cave. These priests seemed to glow with a warm white light.

Priest 1: he wore a rosary, dressed out in tight priestly attire, muscles bulging against the fabric. He had wavy short hair, young and handsome. He wasn’t too tall or too short.

Priest 2: he was the oldest of the bunch, tall, lean, and thin, standing about six feet with long grey hair. He was wearing a long chain with a large cross attached to it, and carrying a battered brown bible that looked like it had been through a lot of wars.

Priest 3: he was a short guy, wearing a rosary around his neck like Priest 1, four-foot five at the most, pudgy and a bit overweight, carrying a large bucket of holy water.

These three priests approached the bed where the once tormented man lay in slumber.

The leader of the prayer group praying by the man’s bed looked up at the 3 priests. “Help us, please. He seems to be back to normal, but we know he isn’t,” the prayer group leader replied.

“We will do just that,” Priest 2 replied, his voice ancient and creaky.

“Now, why don’t you good people go home and tell the people of your village that this man will be healed. That when you return with tomorrow morning’s light, this man will be the man you once knew. His afflictions will be gone. So please, go, let us do what we are here to do,” Priest 1 replied with his deep husky voice. He led the people over to their white church van. They filed into it, one by one, with the help of this priest.

The van backed out of the cave, turned around, and drove off down the long unpaved road leaving fantails of dust in the sky as it moved. Priest 1 then took his place at the mouth of the cave. A holy bouncer set to dispatch anyone that tried to get in and disturb what was about to take place . . . to be continued next Sunday at 6 A.M. Did you miss a post? Check out the Category “Tales from the Blog” in order to catch up. Have a great Sunday.


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