The Headless Fountain Man

Kim was approaching the annual Canadian Comicon when she was startled by a headless statue sitting inside a large silver fountain. This statue had black Chuck Taylor’s on its feet, red socks on its bare ankles, blue jeans, and was wearing a tee-shirt that read “Water you looking at.”  She took out her camera and instead of taking pictures of the various people in cos play costumes (Star Trek, Star Wars, and Frozen seemed to be the lead choices, Frozen, weird, I know, but hey it is a Comicon), she decided to take a picture of this statue, sitting there on its butt, dressed like it was heading for a skateboarding convention, with no head on top of its body. Its head had been replaced with a large white geyser of water that sailed into the air and splashed all over the headless figure and the ground around it.

Her finger froze before she took the shot, something about this statue felt all wrong, something about it didn’t seem right. She focused the lens, and thought she saw the statue raise an arm and wave at her. She paused, and pulled the camera away from her face, opening both eyes. She looked at the statue in the dusky light. It was still sitting there spewing water from its neck, arms and legs unmoving. She shook off the goose bumps, raised the camera to her eye, and snapped the shot. Then she snapped a couple more because you didn’t know which one would be the money shot, best to have backups.

“Coming hon,” A young man’s voice replied.

Kim turned to face her husband and quickly turned back to the statue when she thought she heard a splash. It sounded like two hands had decided to slap the water. She studied the hands. Did they wriggle? Did they move like slimy wet worms? She was unsure, as she put the camera strap around her neck and joined her husband at the door.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Fine. Just snapping some shots.”

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Comicon jitters. That’s all. Shall we go,” she replied, as a large person dressed like Chewbacca brushed past her. This Chewbacca was not only tall, but fat. In fact, it was the fattest Chewbacca she had ever seen. The long shaggy hair did nothing to conceal the rolls and layers of blubber. She stifled a laugh, and then she and her husband followed the fat Chewbacca into the building.


That night, Kim and her husband lay in bed, slumber like the dead had taken them over once they had found their pillows. A round full moon hung in the cloudless night sky casting a yellow light over the blue bed sheet. Shadows, thick and ominous, lay splashed across the room in various spots.

Kim stirred on the bed as if something was watching her sleep, something that had slunk up out the dark and decided to put its eyes right on her. She sat up on the bed when her nose caught a whiff of a watery damp smell. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the gloom in the room, as she looked around trying to see where that smell was coming from.

That’s when she saw it – The Headless Fountain Man.

He was standing in her doorway, highlighted by the moon, dripping water all over the carpet. She looked at him, and he looked at her. She stifled a scream when she saw that he was no longer headless. Sitting on top of his shoulders was a large camera. The Headless Fountain Man leaned his camera head towards her, and adjusted the lens. A flash of light, electric and powerful like lightning, lit up the room with a brightness so bright it almost burned out her eyeballs.

When her eyes adjusted, Kim looked at her husband, still fast asleep, as The Headless Fountain Man started taking small steps towards her, his large concrete shoes making a loud thump on the floor. She slid off the bed and scurried underneath it, curling up in a fetal position. The Headless Fountain Man paused when he reached the bed. He kneeled down to the floor with creaky knees, and looked at her with its camera head. He didn’t hesitate, as he snapped another picture that was so bright it burnt part of the floor, leaving the carpet smoldering soft white smoke.

Kim had no idea what to do as she heard the camera gearing up for another shot, a loud sound that echoed around the room, shaking the floors, and the walls with its ferociousness. She curled up tighter, squeezed her eyes harder, as a feeling washed over her that this might just be the final shot, that this time the flash would burn her body to ashes. She started to cry, fearing the end of her days upon her, and that’s when it all went silent.

She opened her eyes, peeking with caution out into her room. It was morning, she was back in bed. She could hear the shower running, as she looked from the bathroom door to the window to the room at large. There were no signs of The Headless Fountain Man. Feeling relieved that it was only a dream, she slipped out of bed, and pulled up her feet immediately. She looked down at the floor and saw a large wet spot, beside it there was a picture. This picture held an image of her frozen in fear, cowering, fearing for her life as she hid within the darkness underneath the bed.


Thanks Kim for the inspiration

Old Montreal

You can find this story as a bonus on this short story.

What happens when they ask The Dragon to summon a demon? A simple machine. Able to answer requests. Able to play music. Able to turn on lights and answer questions. Fun and enjoyable technology, but what happens when this machine is able to manifest actual things. In this short story two guys worst fears will come to life.






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