Tales from the Blog (11/12/2017): Demon Energy 7

Priest 2 ignored them. He kept quiet, not wanting to give them any power by using his voice. To stay calm, to pray, to just stay focused would be more than enough to overcome the demons inside this man’s body.

Priest 2 looked up at Priest 3 and signaled to him what to do next. Priest 3 did as requested, as he placed one hand on the man’s chest–a hand that didn’t burn or show signs of being tormented like the hands of the people before. The priest pressed hard on the clothed flesh, causing the up and down motion to stop. The man fell into a soft slumber, eyes closed, panting like a dog, as Priest 2 took out the bible and started to read passages. The man’s eyes opened, but they weren’t his eyes. Inside each eye-ball were many angry red eyes looking up at the priests.

Priest 2 flung holy water onto the man, as the thousand demons screamed–“We are legion! You can’t disturb us or un-root us holy man! Give us your best shot! We will not falter! We will remain Earthly inside this man!”

Priest 2 ignored them.

Hours passed, day bled into night, passages were read, over and over again; and, by the time dawn’s light started to crawl across the land, the thousand demons decided they were beat and that they had no hope of winning. They had fought hard, used the man’s body till it was almost gone, but the priest was just too much for them “Father please, do not condemn us back to hell!” –they cried.

Priest 2 and 3 continued to pray, continued to read, and ignored them.

“There is a collection of pigs nearby. Send us into them. Let’s us be one with the swine! We will cause no harm to anyone else. Just let us be free. We do not care what host we are a part of as long as we are here. As long as we are Earthly.”

Priest 2 stopped praying, stopped reading. He looked down at the man on the bed.

“We are legion! Please release us! You have to do this or we will torment this man until he dies!”

Priest 2 held his hand over the man on the bed, fingers splayed. “Out!” He cried and then pulled his hand quickly upward. In his hand now was a white ball with a spiritual glow. Maggots the color of fire crawled over the outside of this ball, and the priest’s hand as he held it for a moment. He could see inside this ball, and as he looked into it he could see the demons writhing and crawling over one another in an orgy of evil lust. They seemed happy to be free, happy to have won. Priest 2 turned, and flung this unholy softball towards the pigs in the nearby farm.

The pigs in the nearby farm squealed with fear as the ball exploded and covered them in a slimy goo. They stirred into a frenzy, and then bolted free from their pin. The fence flew into shards of wooden shrapnel, as the pigs ran off into the field, a field that ended in a small cliff. Below this cliff were hundreds of jagged rocks. The pigs never stopped running as one by one they plunged to their death. The thousand demons were now back in hell where they belonged . . . to be concluded next Sunday at 6 A.M. Did you miss a post? Check out the Category “Tales from the Blog” in order to catch up. Have a great Sunday.


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