Short Tales from the Blog

I now have a new website:

I hope that this blog actually does take off like the one you are currently following. It is so hard to get a blog off the ground and keep it running. So much work, but I love the idea behind this blog. I also hope to start writing short stories for it that are 500 words or less. That is in the future. For now I plan to just post short stories I have written in 500 words or less until they are finished. If you decide to follow me over there I do appreciate it. I plan to give away a free short story to anyone who follows me on that site. Incentive. Desperate for attention. Who knows? I figure that if you are willing to take the time to follow me then the least I can do is reward you for it. I think that is fair enough. Okay, here’s my first post on that blog.

Okay, so I totally lied about that. I actually don’t have games on this blog, but I do hope to have some fun available for you when you come by to visit me on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 A. M.

Short history of how this blog came to be

I have a once a week post on my other blog called Tales from the Blog. It has been dropping on Sunday mornings for a while now. What I am doing is taking one of my short stories and posting it from start to finish in tiny post like bites. So, each and every week my hope is that my audience will tune in on that day in order to catch up with the next part of the story. I started thinking (and believe me that isn’t always a good thing) that instead of just Sundays that I ought to expand this concept to a blog. Short Tales from the Blog was born.

I was planning to start posting to this site in January of 2018, but I have a Christmas based short story that I thought would be perfect for not only this blog, but for this time of year. I thought (again, me thinking) why not just get this blog started in December. With that said, on Thursday 12/7/2017 I plan to drop into this blog the opening to The Lot. I will then continue posting it in 500 or words or less until the story is finished somewhere close to Christmas. And in case you were wondering, The Lot is a short story about a Christmas tree lot that is hiding some deadly evil intentions.

Yeah, I write horror stories and if you don’t like them then this blog probably isn’t for you. Well, I will shut up now. I hope you enjoy my stories told each Tuesday and Thursday at 6 A.M. in 500 words or less. Why 500 words or less? I don’t want to bore you with overly long posts. I figure unless it is sex, short and quick is the best way to do it.


Would you like to receive a free copy of The Lot? Or how about A Zombie Christmas? Either one can be yours if you swing over and follow the new blog. Just send the info to after you’ve clicked the follow button.


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