A Haiku and Some Ramblings

A long journey starts

Pages flipped, a story told

Now it’s concluded


I just finished reading The Passage Trilogy and I have to say, Whoa!, what a great and powerful set of books. If you haven’t read them then you should. The stories aren’t just a unique take on the Vampire legend. They are stories about love, survival, and a will of the human race to not be laid asunder by these new monsters. I think the first book is probably the best, but all three are great and there is a section of the story in the second book that you (I don’t care how busy you are) will not be able to put down. Great writing. Great stories. Great characters. I can’t recommend these books enough. So, have you read them? 

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • This thrilling novel kicks off what Stephen King calls “a trilogy that will stand as one of the great achievements in American fantasy fiction.”

I haven’t reviewed a lot of stuff on here lately. The reason? I honestly just don’t enjoy doing it all that much. It takes up too much time. I get few likes. No comments. It seems like nobody is reading them when I do them, so I stopped. However, there are a few things I’ve seen recently that I have to talk about.

First and foremost, Spider-man: Homecoming. I’m a huge Spider-man fan, but this one left me kind of flat. I felt like there was too much Avengers stuff in this movie. It seemed like Spidey instead of fighting crime was just sitting around waiting on Tony to call. Iron Man also showed up too much, and saved the day too much. I did like the new suit, but it felt more like an Iron Man suit than a Spidey suit. Gripes aside, this was still a great movie from start to finish. A lot more things worked than didn’t work and I would rank it probably fourth in the recent Spider-man movies. The Amazing Spider-man, Spider-man 2, and the first Spider-man in that order being better than this one. So, your thoughts? I also watched Logan (great movie) and The Lego Batman Movie (also great, and funny). I also have gotten hooked on The Flash TV Show. Somewhere now in the mid part of the second season. I don’t binge watch shows, but this one has me watching it sometimes up to three times a day. Supergirl is also churning along nicely in its second season. Okay, so I’ll zip it here. Have a great weekend.


Haiku – The Flash

A streak of lightning

Gone before you can see him

Protector of good


I’ve been given it some thought, and I think I’ve come up with my three favorite Superheroes.

Number 1: Batman

I guard the darkness

While the city sleeps below

Safely in slumber


Number 2: Spiderman

Up the wall he crawls

Moving with a spider’s ease

Slinging sticky webs


Number 3: The Flash

The CW has gotten me hooked on this character. I started Binge-Watching it this week, and I’m almost done with Season 1. To put that in perspective. I stay home with my two kids. I have about an hour each day and a few hours at night to watch this show. I managed to squeeze in 5 episodes yesterday. I couldn’t stop watching it and the only reason why I’m not watching it now is because my kids are about to get up. I honestly haven’t been hooked on a Superhero this fast or this quick since Batman. Amazing show. Don’t spoil it for me if you’ve seen it. I’m barely through Season 1, about at Episode 17. So, do you have a top three, five, eight, ten, etc. or do you have just one Superhero you champion? 


Movie Review Haiku: Deadpool

Action packed movie

Wise-cracking superhero

One groovy good time


Have you seen this one? Have you truly seen this one? What a ride it is. Funny, crazy, nuts, and just wonderful to watch from start to finish. They honestly had me with the opening credits – I just knew that I was in for something special with the opening song. And even though it was another comic book origin movie, this one like Ant-Man, was nice to watch because it was a different kind of origin movie. Deadpool is as unlikely a superhero as they come, and I think that is what makes him so appealing. Anyway, this movie had it all, story, cast, direction, action, violence, language, innuendos, not so subtle moments, burritos, and car crashes. It was also a love story, a comedy, a horror movie, and an action movie all rolled into one. It comes highly recommended from me.


4 Stars out of 5


Haiku – Creepy Crawly

Gliding on your web

Moving towards the trapped fly

Time to have a meal


  Spider dangling high

Spinning its web with quick ease

Time to set the trap


Sticky spider’s web

It’s prey caught in the death grip

No chance to escape


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Since this post is about spiders.

Here’s a shot of one of my favorite superheroes along with a Haiku I wrote sometime back.

Crawling up the walls

Web slinging superhero

That is one cool suit


Image provided by: nenuno.co.uk/design/from-pencil-to-paper