Haiku – A Walk/Run on 6/27/2017

Humidity low

Running shoes moving briskly

Air – fall like and warm


I forgot how much I enjoyed listening to The Dave Matthews Band.




Haiku – A Walk/Run on 6/20/2017

Twilight descending

Sun takes one more look at day

Shuts its fiery eyes


I’d like to dedicate this song to those like me getting back into exercising or those who have been doing it for a very long time. This song is for you. So, are you trying to get back out there or are you a seasoned veteran? Just curious. Have a good night.

Haiku – Running with the Sun

The familiar smells

Sights, sounds, and Mother Nature

Back at it again


Finally starting to get back out for my walk/run. Today was a decent enough day walk/run wise. Legs felt heavy, but I was able to run just a bit more than the last time I went out. Next time hopefully will be a bit better. Trying to get back in shape to run another 5K. So, have you ever run a 5K? Click my running link to see some of my race finishes (if you are interested in them).

Haiku – The “Musty, Dusty, Rusty” Run

Running shoes laced up

Legs, back, arms, and feet say ouch

What are you doing?????


I actually got back out there tonight. It felt (and I can’t say this enough) so good. I only did about 3 or 4 minutes of running out of 30 minutes, but at least I did something. I am happy about that.

Anybody else trying to get back into exercising? Feel free to vent below.

Haiku – The “Feet Stomping through Sunshine” Run

Wispy white thin clouds

Drift in an endless blue sky

Winter on a small break


With all my errands this morning, I am surprised that I managed to get this walk/run (more walking than running right now) in today. I had to go though, because an arctic blast is headed our way, and I couldn’t pass up this day. Going to be cold for a few days after this. Overnight lows in the lower teens, day time highs in the twenties and thirties – cold. Not as bad as some though. All of those trapped by winter I am wishing you a lot of warm thoughts.


As a sidebar, unrelated to running – I read this great article this morning and I wanted to share it with you guys. I found it fascinating. You might too.

Here it is: 

Scott Kelly has found an unusual way to maintain a youthful advantage over his twin brother Mark. Next month, he will blast off on a year-long mission on board the International Space Station, a journey that will have one unintended consequence. During his 12 months in space, Scott will age less than his earthbound brother – thanks to the tenets of Einstein’s theories of relativity.

“The effect is known as the twin paradox, though it is not actually a paradox, it is a straightforward consequence of the laws of relativity,” says Mark, who has also flown on several space missions including two as a space shuttle commander. “Essentially, time will pass slightly more slowly for Scott than for me because he will be travelling at a greater speed relative to me.”

via Nasa twins to embark on year-long space experiment | Science | The Guardian