Running Stuff and Things of Such

I’m an avid runner and I have listed below some of my accomplishments in this sport.

1st 5K (Cary Road Race 2011)

1st 10K (Gobble Waddle 2011)

Races Run:

Cary Road Race 5K 2011 (1st race-recreational run)

Run With Heart 5K 2011 (31:38)

SAS 5K 2011 (28:18)

Gobble Waddle 10K 2011 (55:24)

Jolly Elf Trail Run 5K 2011 (27:28)

Special Olympics Torch Run 5K 2012 (32:01)

Cary Road Race 10K 2012 (1:02:20)


3 thoughts on “Running Stuff and Things of Such

  1. You might like my account of the Marathon Des Sables on

  2. I’m in a running lull myself right now, but a writing upswing. So I guess there are trade-offs. I enjoy your blog; seems we have several commonalities, too.

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