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. . . She held her key up to the lock, using the street lamp as her light.

She paused.

A noise nearby.

Sara turned towards it, brown eyes studying the shadows, searching the dark for any signs of movement.

Seeing nothing, she turned back to her door.

“Silly girl can’t even come home from work without worrying about someone or something jumping out at you,” she replied, as she pushed the key into the lock.

She unlocked the door, and slid inside to her safe and comfy home.

In the shadows, where Sara had looked moments ago, something made a slight growl.

It was time for estrogen . . .


A short story about a monster who stalks the city of Tampa Bay. This monster is only attacking women, taking only the one thing it needs. Tim Roberts, a detective, is hot on this monster’s trail. Will he catch this monster in time or will this monster feed until it has its fill? Be careful Tim, this monster has a secret yet to be revealed.

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Free to Read Today (5/16/2015): Demon Energy

de3 Days passed.

People prayed over him, comforted him, and washed him. His bindings were loosened a bit, so he could move more freely. The thousand demons had shown no sign of their presence, either vocally or physically, since the man was bound by the blessed chains. The man seemed to be recovering, but everyone still felt that there was something off. That he wasn’t truly himself even though he seemed to be.

On the morning of the third day, as another group prayed over the man, tried to help him heal, three priests appeared at the mouth of the cave. These priests seemed to glow with a warm white light.

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Free to Read Today (5/15/2015): Demon Energy

deThen he felt them, the demons rising up again. The force of a thousand angry creatures rushing through his limbs. He shook violently, and slammed up and down, up and down, testing the springs of the mattress, testing the limits of his now tired body, testing the limits of the chains. Muscles screamed in agony, saliva flew from his mouth, sweat lit up his body, his face contorted in pain.

The men and women in the cave scattered, as the chains ripped free, broke from their metal hold. The man tried to rise. He felt hands upon him again. The man was strong though, fueled by DEMON ENERGY. He started to win. The brave souls who dared to touch the man, to try and hold him down, their hands burned as they held him in place.

New chains arrived, blessed chains dipped and bathed in holy water. They wrapped the man up, pinned him to the bed. These chains burned his flesh, as the demons inside him screamed out loud –“We are legion! Curse you and your homes!” –and then fell back to quiet.

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E-Book Reviews: A Zombie Threeway

The three books listed below are all interesting takes on the Zombie Genre. They have plenty of blood, guts, and gore along with some unique twists. I found the Cinderella story to be the one that I enjoyed the most of the three, but none of them are really bad. They all read well, are quickly paced, and can be consumed rather easily. I’m a slow reader (not much time to read) so it took me a day or two to get through each one, but I would wager to bet most people can polish these off in an hour or less it they have the time to read them straight through. I started Dead Under The Sea over the weekend and finished it yesterday. That’s five days to read all three for me.

If you download them, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did. I, of course, love unique Zombie stories so these were a perfect fit for me.

Disclaimer: I honestly try to keep the negative vibe down when reading Independent Authors and focus in on the good. It is tough enough to make it in the business without me dragging you down for your hard-earned efforts. With that said, I have to drop a bit of negative onto these stories. They all need a little more editing, and e-book formatting. I didn’t find the formatting to be that distracting, but one of the stories really needed some work in this department. The editing wasn’t so sloppy it made you want to get a refund, but there were typos and I think some tense issues (is it past, is it present). That’s it. Just wanted to put that out there in case you went off to buy these after reading this review. I don’t need you to come screaming back at me, because you didn’t think they were written all that well.


SWSnow White has been poisoned by the Witch Queen. But the deadly apple is not the end for the young princess, as when the moon rises, so does she …Can her seven diminutive friends survive a night of being stalked by a princess of the undead? Horror, swordplay and death await…! via Zombie Kids Books : Blood Red (from Snow White) – Fables of the Undead ( zombie books fiction, zombie books for kids, zombie books for kids) (zombie books for kids – Fables of the Undead Book 3) – Kindle edition by Dina T Seth. Children Kindle eBooks @

CRaised by a loving father, now gone, Cinderella must endure terrible hardships at the hands of her evil step-mother and step-sisters. But when a Prince travels to the Kingdom in search of a bride, Cinderella’s hopes rise. Unfortunately, the dead are rising too. How can Cinderella go to the ball if she is deathly sick? With the help of a delusional fairy godmother, the princess will go to the ball. Unfortunately for the rest of the guests, who never expected to have their brains eaten…via Zombie Kids Books : Princess of the Dead (from Cinderella) – Fables of the Undead ( zombie books fiction, zombie books for kids, zombie books for kids) (zombie … for kids – Fables of the Undead Book 2) – Kindle edition by Dina T Seth. Children Kindle eBooks @

LMThe Little Mermaid has longed to swim up from her father’s underwater Kingdom to the surface world. Now, on her fifteenth birthday, she has her chance. Up there she witnesses a zombie mutiny aboard a Prince’s galleon, and can’t resist rescuing the handsome survivor. Torn between love and loyalty to her father, the young mermaid eventually decides to visit the evil Sea Witch, who makes her a sinister bargain: go to the surface for three moons, but if a loving kiss is not secured, then the Princess will endure a fate worse than death…As the undead plague ravages the coastal town, can the Prince do what must be done for the good of the living…? via Zombie Kids Books : Death Under the Sea (from Little Mermaid) – Fables of the Undead ( zombie books fiction, zombie books for kids, zombie books for kids) … for kids – Fables of the Undead Book 1) – Kindle edition by Dina T Seth. Children Kindle eBooks @

A Zombie Christmas – The Little Short Story That Could

Well, as the day draws to a close I see that this little short story “A Zombie Christmas” has been downloaded for free over 2,000 times today. That puts it up to #54 on the top 100 free list on Amazon’s Kindle. I truly don’t know what to make of it. I have never had anything happen like this before. Sure, these aren’t paid sales, but that’s a lot of exposure for an unknown artist like myself.


There are so many firsts with this one, first time in the top 100 free or paid, first time having 3 reviews in one day, first time having 1000+ downloads in one day, and the first time having 2000+ downloads in one day.

ZC Print

Maybe this will snowball and my sales will pick up from here on out. Maybe nothing will come of it. Whatever happens this is still the best day I have ever had as a Self-Published Author. The only day that comes close was when I received my first review for something I had written, which happened to be for this short story.

Review:I am afraid that many people will not want to read this because of the title. I admit I read it because I wanted to read about a take on the holidays with zombies. This book is so much more than a zombie tale. It is a tale of the human spirit not giving up and a true Christmas miracle in the face of a zombie-infested world. The editing was a little sloppy in a couple of places, but the story prevails. I whole-heartedly recommend this. It is a short story, but it is only $0.99. It really is a great seasonal read.”

Anyway, if you haven’t grabbed your copy it is still free as of now. The freebies don’t stop after tonight though. I do plan to move this story onto NoiseTrade and Screwpulp. It will be free there for a while as well. If I want to get my name out there I have to start somewhere, right? Might as well run my best free for a while.

That’s about it. How about you? What was your best day as an author? I would love to hear your stories.

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2 Winter Haiku and One Last Chance at This Goodreads Giveaway – A Zombie Christmas


Green of the season

A circle of fresh cut pine

Pleasure for the nose

Frosty Morning

Cold birds chattering

Pecking at the winter ground

Looking for some food

A Zombie Christmas


I was sitting in my living room reading a Stephen King book – “Duma Key.” The doorbell rang. I grabbed my gun and walked over to it. I looked out the peep hole as a zombie shambled down off the porch. There were four of them out there. All zombied up, rotting, bloody, fresh from the grave, and they were all dressed like carolers and holding caroling books. One had it upside down, two had theirs sideways, and the smart one, who rang the doorbell, had his right side up.

I didn’t put up anything with lights in it or on it. There were no lights around the house. I had muted decorations so they wouldn’t attract attention. I don’t know why or how the carolers found me, but they did.

I began to smile as they grunted out Jingle Bells. I didn’t know if I should shoot them or let them be. I stood there a moment and thought about it, listening to the comical tune coming from the mouths of those zombies. I went over to the window and looked out onto the lawn. Their singing was attracting other zombies, so I knew I had to take them out, funny as it was. I put on my cold weather gear and ventured upstairs. I went into the master bedroom and walked over to the balcony doors. I stepped outside and into the cold grey light of dusk.

I checked my decorations to see if they were intact, my Santa Claus and reindeer, the cross on my front lawn, the elves and Santa’s work shop, the nativity scene, and various candy canes I had spread throughout the yard. They were all safe.

Now, I know, most people would say, why? It made me feel good inside. That is why I did it. It might be a zombie filled world, but I was still going to try and enjoy it as a human being. Also, I did it for those few survivors in my neighborhood and those who wandered in. I hoped a lawn full of Christmas would bring them some kind of cheer in this dreary holiday season. It was the first Christmas since the zombie invasion. It was the least I could do.

I looked down at the four caroling zombies as they went into a rendition of Frosty the Snowman, the year’s first snow only a couple of inches underneath their feet and melting fast. The group, of course, was led by that one smart zombie. He seemed to remember quite a bit of whatever he did as a human. He was leading them and pointing to their books even though none of them turned a single page. He was the one that started grunting out the tune to Frosty just like Jingle Bells before. They just sort of followed after him.

I aimed my gun at them, but had to stop because I couldn’t aim. My smile had turned into full fledge laughter. I let it pass, wiped the tears from my eyes, and then did my business. By the time I was done, fifteen zombies lay littered across my lawn, bleeding red into the snow, the four carolers included.

I went back inside. I didn’t feel up to the clean up just yet. I turned on the Christmas tree and watched the white and colored lights dance a blinking happy tune across the walls and ceiling of my room. I stoked the fire with some more wood, turned on some Christmas music, sat back in my chair, and closed my eyes. The last image I saw (which was on purpose mind you) was of the picture on my mantel. I fell asleep with that image in my head.

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Revisit “A Zombie New Year” Today! Part 1


December the 31st

Becky stirred on the brown couch; something wasn’t right.  Her shirt and bra were pulled up, cool air and warm hands groped her shapely twenty-two-year-old body.  She opened her eyes.  Morning had arrived, and a man was sitting on the couch beside her, heavy black beard, crew cut, about fifty years old.  Their eyes locked; he smiled.

“Boys, she’s awake,” Darren replied, removing his hands, allowing her to sit up and cover herself.

Becky looked across the room, pushed her blonde hair out of her eyes.  Two other guys were there, decked out in green camouflage like the man invading her privacy, all of them wearing heavy black combat boots, armed with all kinds of weapons – guns, grenades, and knives seemed to be their weapons of choice.  It looked like they not only knew how to survive, but they enjoyed it.

“So, how are we going to do this?”  It was the youngest and tallest of the three, skinny, long hair in a ponytail, about twenty-five years old.  He was standing by the window keeping watch.

“There are a few bedrooms in here.  I figured I would go first,” Darren replied, looking at Becky, sexual hope in his eyes.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week – 12/10/2014

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