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Jimmy Buffett Friday: Livingston’s Gone to Texas

Another one of my big favorites by him.

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Cover Song Saturday (5/14/2016) – Disturbed: The Sound of Silence

I’ve been tinkering around about this in my head for a bit. A weekly post all about cover songs. I am sort of into that kind of thing. I love to hear a song I’ve heard a thousand times changed and transformed into something new or different. Case in point, this song. Disturbed really shows the darkness hidden inside this song that I think the original never managed to capture. “Silence like a cancer grows” is such a bleak sounding line, and Disturbed’s version of this song really highlights it. Here are the two songs. Compare and enjoy. If this is a hit I would like to start doing it once a week.

Incredible lyrics. Now, the new version.

So, which is your favorite?

I have to say that this new one just gives it a darker punch that really draws out those lyrics. I’m leaning towards the new one now, but I have and will always love the original.


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