Cover Reveal and A Free Read: Fear of the Scarecrow

Not a lot to say about this one. I liked the original for it, but this one just seemed to pop a lot more when I created it. Anyway, this one is running free on 6/14 and 6/15. You can grab your freebie at the links below.

In case you didn’t know. This short story is based on my Haiku: Fear or the Scarecrow

In a field you hang

Upon this wood post you wait

For the night’s darkness


This short story is about a desperate man hungry for revenge. Sometimes revenge comes with a price.






Cover Reveal and A Free Read: Gluten Free

I didn’t do a lot to this one. I updated the font and changed the background color back to its original color. You can grab your free copy at the links below. This one is running free for 3 days (6/7 – 6/9).


Suicide by Gluten?

In this short story one man opts out in a most unusual way.





Draft2Digitial Wednesday: EPubbing with Style

I honestly don’t plan for this to be a weekly feature. I only plan to do these posts sporadically to update my fellow blog readers about my stories lurking beyond the borders of mighty Amazon. It won’t be a long post so do not worry.

You can now find the stories below in EPUB on major places like Apple, Nook, and Kobo to name a few. So, if you don’t have a Kindle you can now get these stories for your selected E-Readers.


Currently Available

Coming Soon

If you want to read some free stuff check out these links.

Tales from the Blog

Short Stories on Niume

Noise Trade Books

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Freebie for Thursday: A Zombie New Year’s Eve


(Free: 1/5 – 1/6)

This short story is about Becky and Joe who are separated in a Zombie Apocalypse and risk life and limb in order to reunite for their New Year’s Eve kiss.




The men arrived minutes later and stopped in front of the building Becky ran into. They put their guns away (to save ammo) and started to game plan, knifing the few zombies in the head who dared to approach them.

Inside, Becky made her way deep into the store, out of breath, shoes damp, feet tired, and legs hurting. Mannequins, sporadically placed throughout the store, startled her, as she swatted a few of them thinking they were zombies. Their hollow heads flew off into the dark, bouncing and rolling across the cold tile floor.

Outside, Greg pulled his coat tight, and shook off the sleet.

“Maybe she’s not worth it, man,” Ted replied, shuffling about, trying to stay warm. He looked up and down the street. The zombies were a little thinner now, but it wouldn’t be long before they swarmed again.

“This isn’t about worth. This is about Darren. This is about making it right,” Greg replied, as he looked into the store. “Do you hear that girl? We going to make it right all over you! And the longer you make us wait, the worse it is going to be!”

Becky cringed back against a rack when she heard the voice, empty clothes hangers rattled like skeleton fingers causing her to jump. Zombies in the store honed in on the sound, and started moving in her direction.

A 1 Day Freebie: The Lot

This short story is about a Christmas Tree lot that has evil intentions.


The Christmas tree lot stood cold and silent beside the two lane road now covered in 6 inches of snow. Gavin Douglas was hunkered down inside the small building attached to The Lot. He stood 6 foot 5, tall and lanky, a once healthy thirty-year-old man who now looked like he had spent the last two months inside a sweat box. He was emaciated and weak looking, ribs showing through his skin. His face hung droopy and long, teeth rotting away, some had fallen out. His once thick hair now hung thin, patchy, and lifeless across his skull. His clothes were dirty and disheveled, unclean like the rest of his body. He hadn’t been able to eat, sleep, shower, or do anything normal since the pine trees had arrived in October, because he felt like it was his job and duty to protect his town, a town he loved more than his own life.






First Time Freebie: Vampires and Zombies: The Undead Collection


IT SLEEPS AT DAWN: She gripped her nerves tight, pushed back the fear, and stepped up to the door that she hoped led out of the long hallway and into freedom. The door was made of solid oak, black from top to bottom and side to side, with a gold door knob in the shape of a demon with two emerald green eyes. Bright red pentagrams were embedded into its wood. These pentagrams were so red they seemed to be filled with blood, ready to bleed at any moment, almost pulsing from their plumpness. She reached down for the handle, deep breaths filled with dread ran through her lungs, as her heart drummed a loud terror beat inside her chest. She turned the handle and opened the door, which was so heavy that it took two hands and a healthy dose of sweat to move.

Her heart sank once the door was wide open because there he stood, the man who had brought her here the night before. Her cloudy memory had finally opened up, spilling forth the information. It was the bar where they had met, the bar where he had laid on his charms, the bar where he had asked her to go home with him, the bar was the last memory she had before waking up in this mysterious place. And she was sure of another thing, he wasn’t the same man who had picked her up. That dashing handsome young man with the long black hair and dusty blue eyes, who stood at least six foot five, and was easily a foot taller than her was now nowhere to be seen. Instead of the young man dressed in modern clothes, here stood an ancient older man in dated black three piece suit with a cape tied around his neck. The cape fell to somewhere near the middle of his back. It was black to match the suit, but the interior of it was as red as the pentagrams on the door. His cologne wafted through the air as he stood there, an ancient smell of High Karate.

Story 1 of 6: It Sleeps at Dawn

This short story is about a Vampire who stalks the Appalachian Mountains. A traditional Vampire who uses fangs instead of guns. He hunts. He kills. He sleeps at Dawn.

Story 2 of 6: A Vampire at Christmas

This short story is about a Vampire who uses his riches and immortal skills to bring joy to those in need during the Christmas Season.

Story 3 of 6: Need to Feed

Another year. Another massacre looming. When the sun rises on the Old West town of Saltwater Junction, it’s residents will come face to face with two fierce predators. Vampires who stalk you in the sunlight and werewolves that transform with the sunrise. This short story rewrites the legends and all you’ve ever known about these creatures of the night.

Story 4 of 6: The Dead of Winter:

This short story is about two men trying to survive an apocalyptic nightmare in a harsh frozen landscape. Hoping to find warmth and shelter. Hoping to ride out the night. Hoping the zombies don’t find them first.

Story 5 of 6: A Zombie Christmas

This short story is about three men who risk life and limb in a Zombie Apocalypse in order to bring happiness to surviving kids on Christmas Morning.

Story 6 of 6: A Zombie Christmas 2

A boy lost. A family desperate. It’s Christmas in a Zombie Apocalypse and Mike Beem is once again aiming for another Holiday miracle. His goal this year isn’t toys for the kids in the neighborhood. His goal this time is trying to save one small life so another family doesn’t have to suffer the way he suffered.





A 1 Day Freebie: A Vampire at Christmas

A short story about a Vampire who uses his riches and immortal skills to bring joy to those in need during the Christmas Season.


A naked, artificial, green Christmas tree (replaced every season) stood in one corner of this tomb; and there were no ornaments on this tree, no garland of any kind. The coffin he slept in was decorated with thick silver tinsel, and it draped and wrapped itself around this orifice of death like a shiny snake. Talan dared not play Christmas music because he was afraid of drawing attention to himself. People might discover his hiding place if they heard music playing up from somewhere deep in the Earth, no matter how far into the woods he made his lair. The tree and the decorated coffin were more than enough to keep him in a Christmas mood.

Vampire at Christmas - High Resolution