Friday Freebies (10/28/2016): It Sleeps at Dawn


This short story is about a Vampire who stalks the Appalachian Mountains. A traditional Vampire who uses fangs instead of guns. He hunts. He kills. He sleeps at Dawn.






Set into the center of the wall was one large, tall gate. It looked like it was made of wood that was so thick and strong Mother Nature would be powerless against it. Brian and Danny stopped when they reached the gate.

“Would you look at this thing?” Brian asked, running his hand over the polished wood, which was smooth and shiny, splinter free. “It looks brand new, like it’s just been replaced.”

Danny shuffled nervously behind him, as the sun sank a bit lower in the sky. He noticed that the shadows around them were now taking up most of the light, and there was something else grabbing his attention. The trees nearby seemed to have movement inside of them, and what sent shivers up his spine was that he thought he saw red eyes glowing inside the darkness. These eyes went from two to four while he stood there, trying not to pee his pants.

Cover Reveal and Pre-Order: Vampires and Zombies


Release Date: December 1, 2016

Story 1 of 6: It Sleeps at Dawn

This short story is about a Vampire who stalks the Appalachian Mountains. A traditional Vampire who uses fangs instead of guns. He hunts. He kills. He sleeps at Dawn.

Story 2 of 6: A Vampire at Christmas

This short story is about a Vampire who uses his riches and immortal skills to bring joy to those in need during the Christmas Season.

Story 3 of 6: Need to Feed

Another year. Another massacre looming. When the sun rises on the Old West town of Saltwater Junction, it’s residents will come face to face with two fierce predators. Vampires who stalk you in the sunlight and werewolves that transform with the sunrise. This short story rewrites the legends and all you’ve ever known about these creatures of the night.

Story 4 of 6: The Dead of Winter

This short story is about two men trying to survive an apocalyptic nightmare in a harsh frozen landscape. Hoping to find warmth and shelter. Hoping to ride out the night. Hoping the zombies don’t find them first.

Story 5 of 6: A Zombie Christmas

This short story is about three men who risk life and limb in a Zombie Apocalypse in order to bring happiness to surviving kids on Christmas Morning.

Story 6 of 6: A Zombie Christmas 2

A boy lost. A family desperate. It’s Christmas in a Zombie Apocalypse and Mike Beem is once again aiming for another Holiday miracle. His goal this year isn’t toys for the kids in the neighborhood. His goal this time is trying to save one small life so another family doesn’t have to suffer the way he suffered.






 EXP: It Sleeps at Dawn

The woman ran.

Where was she?

How did she get here?

She had no clue.

Confusion raced through her brain as her long blonde hair blew out behind her, her feet making their way down the thick red carpeted hall past large stained glass windows filled with colored moonlight. The stained glass windows stood 10 feet tall and 20 feet wide with an arch at the top and an upside down cross attached to each center. One window showed a Vampire as it crept out of a crypt on a moonlit night, another showed a Vampire tearing open the neck of a victim lying on a bed (complete with blood spray), and the last one showed a Vampire sitting on a throne while other Vampires worshiped at its feet. The throned Vampire was flinging blood on them from a naked female corpse it had lying across its lap . . .

Wednesday Freebies (10/26/2016): The Living Sand


A short story about two boys who discover a hidden beach and the evil deadly secrets that lie within its soft white grains of sand.

4 out of 5 Stars – I like mine with a twist!

4 out of 5 Stars – Creepy tale.






Seth waited a moment outside of the cave, as he checked his scared nerves, and looked into the darkness in front of him. He could hear the drips and drops, the wet squishy sounds that only the interior of a cave can make while he stood there. He could also hear Junior’s tennis shoes smacking the hard surfaced floor, echoing throughout the cave as he explored. Suddenly and without warning, the flashlight Junior had been holding went out; and Junior evaporated into the black.

“Junior!” Seth screamed. Nothing, just his own ghostly echo screaming back at him. He bit his lip, and trying not to think about Vampire Crypts or Werewolf Lairs or the Hammer Horror movies he and Junior liked to watch every Saturday, he stepped into the cool dark cave.

Junior launched out of the darkness in front of him the second Seth made his way inside. The flashlight was back on, the light pointed upwards making Junior’s face look like a creepy goblin at Halloween.

Goodreads Giveaway – A Zombie Thanksgiving


(snazzy new cover this year)


She pushed the thoughts away, and walked over to the small door that employees and truckers used to use to enter the building. It was closed, but it had an electronic lock, which meant without power it wasn’t locked. She found a couple of non-broken pallets and leaned them against this door. Probably not enough to hold back a hungry zombie or a looter, but if they fell over the sound would at least alert her.

She dusted off her hands, and walked over to one of the loading bays, the only one with the door pushed up. She stood there, and looked out on the lot behind the building. There were two pickup trucks sitting silent and alone, smashed together in a head on collision. Supplies littered the ground. There were no bodies to be seen, which was a relief. She had seen enough people in death’s embrace to last her a lifetime, bout time she got a break.

While she stood there, she breathed in the fresh November air and scanned her eyes across the trees filled with dying color. She saw a zombie shuffle around the corner of the building dressed in fatigues, looking battle ready. There were no other shufflers with him.

She aimed, “Go in peace,” and fired.

The silencer on the gun poofed quietly. Another perfect head shot. The zombie fell over dead. His shuffling days were done.

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A Zombie Thanksgiving

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