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Haiku – Long Distance

Adrenaline rush

Runner spies the finish line

Legs just like rubber


For more prompts like “rush” go here: Haiku Horizons


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Haiku – Twinkle, Twinkle

Last stars of the night

Fall into Dawn’s bright embrace

New day has arrived


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Cover Song Saturday: Epica – Imperial March

It has been a while since I posted something for Cover Song Saturday, but this was such a cool version of this song that I thought I had to share it. Will Cover Song Saturday return? Will it crawl out from the blogging ooze to be reborn? Not sure, but I hope you enjoy this one this week. Love this cover version combining two of my favorite things – Star Wars and Metal.





So, use the force and tell me which one you prefer? I like both of them, but you will never go wrong with the original. It is classic and timeless. It will transcend the ages.


Something just for fun.

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Haiku – Astronomer

Through the telescope

Watching the stars and planets

In the nighttime sky


For some reason this song came to mind when I wrote this.

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Cover Song Saturday: Johnny B. Goode – Peter Tosh vs. Judas Priest

I think we all know the original. It is a classic that can’t be touched. No artist could ever cover it and make it better than Chuck Berry.

The original is great. I’ve stated that already, so let’s move onto the covers. Both of which are unique in their own way.

First, Peter Tosh

Second, Judas Priest

I love Heavy Metal, proud to say that, but I have to give the nod this time to Peter Tosh. He didn’t just remake this song louder and heavier like Judas Priest, but he took the song and made it his own. The reggae beat and the new lyrics splashed throughout just gives this song a totally different feel and it works from start to finish.

So, which do you prefer?

Peter Tosh or Judas Priest

Do you need even more cover songs? Check them out here NIUME and here Cover Song Saturday.

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Cover Song Saturday – Justin Moore: Home Sweet Home

The original

The cover version

So, which do you prefer?

The original hands down for me. It not only takes me back to my teen years, but this song just sounds better with the metal power behind. It just wasn’t meant to be a country song even though Justin Moore really gives it his all.

I don’t know if you have heard about this new blogging platform Niume or not. I stumbled on it a while back and just recently started posting to it. It is set up a lot like WordPress. I’ve posted some cover songs and other things over there. If you want to check it out, here’s the link:

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Cover Song Saturday – Tori Amos: Raining Blood

I just can’t get enough of this song. Heavy, fast, and mean.

Now, the new version – simply haunting.

So, which is your favorite? I’m a Metalhead at heart, so Slayer’s version wins out for me. I do though respect Tori for putting a very eerie spin on what was already an intense song.

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Haiku – Perchance to Mosh

Metal in my veins

Filled up with adrenaline

Blood filled energy


I know this probably won’t be super popular, but the opening line to this Haiku popped into my head earlier today. I had to do something with it so I wrote this. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Slayer recently. A band that I kind of ignored for many years because I thought they were just too Satanic for my blood. I realized that if you just get past the album covers and album titles that they have some truly great metal to listen to. I honestly believe that out of all the speed and thrash metal bands out there that they are among the fastest I have ever heard. I’ll include “Hallowed Point” as an example for you. Warning, it isn’t for the faint of heart and it isn’t for those who can’t take blistering fast music. Nuff said. Let’s do this.

So, thoughts on Slayer? I know there are a few of you out there who can answer this.

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Featured Friday: The Dark Roots of Earth by Testament


(really digging this album cover)

Well, here I go again on my own or so that old song says. Another music post that isn’t the most popular subject matter on this blog, but I have never followed the popular subject or crowd for that matter. So, I will push on with this latest Featured Friday post with another strong and powerful album (do they still call them albums these days?) by the mighty Testament. This album was released in 2012 and it seems as fresh and as strong as their first album back in 1987. The first song “Rise Up” kicks you right between the teeth and the rest of the album just keeps kicking until the very last song. If you are a Metalhead like me or haven’t given Testament their just rewards then you should start today. Check out a couple of their songs below and tell me they don’t rival anything The Big 4 are doing right now (Big 4: Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer).

Rise up. Man, I would love to be in the crowd when this song starts ripping through it. I’m sure I would be screaming right along with all of them.

Dark Roots of Earth. Just low mean and powerful. I have been singing this one for a few days now.

So, thoughts. Do you enjoy Testament or Thrash Metal? Do you want to be featured next week? Shoot me an email: Tell me what you want to feature, books, music, short stories, art, anything but erotica is fair game.

Have a great weekend.

For more on Testament go here:

To buy or stream Dark Roots go here:

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Featured Friday: “The New Order” by Testament


The New Order is the second studio album by American thrash metal band Testament, released on May 10, 1988. Source: The New Order – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I know my last music post wasn’t the most liked and it didn’t get me lots of blog traffic, but I don’t do this blog for that reason. I do it because I want to share things I love in this world, and one of them is slowly becoming Testament. I honestly do not know how this band flew under my radar for so long. I was a teen when they broke onto the scene, so why am I just getting into them in my Forties. Who knows? Life kind of works like that. I seem to be gravitating towards the heavier side of metal the older I get. As a teen it was more the glam pop metal stuff that drew me in (which I still enjoy to this day and my kids do as well – I hope), but I still did love Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax even back in those glam pop metal days. So, I did dabble with the heavier stuff as you can see, but for some reason I just didn’t delve too far into it.

Anyway, enough about that because this post is about “The New Order” and what an amazing album it is from start to finish. I’ve included two songs from that album that if you like fast heavy music you should check out. Well worth your time. That album cover is also very metal with that ominous face hanging like an omen over our precious blue world.

So, thoughts. I know someone out there has a comment or two in them. What do you think of Testament? What about Heavy Metal in general? Do you think this band should be mentioned in the same breath as Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax?

Do you want to be featured next Friday? If you are an artist that has something to share send an email to I’ll feature about anything except erotic material. Have to keep this blog a soft R if not PG-13.

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Featured Friday: Holy Diver


Metal Music Archives

I thought this week I might feature a classic album from the Metal community. I’m also thinking that I might do this more often and focus in on some truly outstanding album art like this album cover. It just screams metal with the colors and the imagery. If you haven’t heard Holy Diver then shame on you. It is a truly outstanding album from start to finish. Dio was just an amazing vocalist who will be truly missed. If you have ROKU go to the MULLET Channel and look up Dio’s concert featured on there. Amazing performance to watch. How about you? Dio fan or not.


Do you want to be featured? Shoot me an email: Send me your blog address along with a link to your book, short story, poem, poetry collection or just something that stands out to you. I will feature you as soon as I can.

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Haiku – Wednesday Afternoon Around 4:30

Cloudy and rainy

My cup filled with caffeine warmth

A spring time cool day


So, how are you spending this Wednesday afternoon?

Total sidebar: Just heard this fabulous song on Pandora. May not be for those who don’t like really fast heavy Power Metal – I do and Dragonforce are getting to be one of my favorites. I need to buy a CD or two by them soon.

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Top Hard Rock/Metal Albums and Videos that Shaped my Metal Childhood

Stone over at Metal Odyssey had this great post over the weekend – his top 5 metal albums from the Eighties he couldn’t live without. He said I ought to try to come up with one of my own. I honestly couldn’t come up with 5, but I did think of 4. Where he did a list of those he couldn’t live without, my list is based on things that grew me as a Hard Rock/Metal fan.

I don’t blog much about music, but it is another passion of mine. Top 5 artists (not all metal, but 3 are): Jimmy Buffett, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Tesla, and The Dave Matthews Band.

Anyway, here’s Stone’s post:

Check out his site for great Hard Rock/Metal news and the occasional side bar.

Here’s my Top 4:


I still remember my friend bringing this one over and encouraging me to listen to it. Blew me away, of course.


This one, probably the biggest shaper for me. It was the first tape (you know that little piece of plastic that you had to flip over in order to listen to each side) I ever owned – co-owned actually. My brother and I put our allowance together to get it.


This tape I bought myself, and I remember my parents wanting to hear it. I guess they didn’t trust the album cover. Anyway, the biggest memory of this one I have is of taking a charity walk with my Walkman (the thing that played tapes, and it was about the size of a toaster) and listening to it. I have enjoyed this one since the mid-eighties all the way to today. Plan to keep on enjoying it.


I got this one for Christmas one year. My brother (who’s not much of a metal head) and I listened to it all the time. Great stuff.

Here are a  few videos that just grabbed me the first time I saw them.

Love the killer intro, mid-section, just all of this song.

This one might seem a bit dated, but I still enjoy it as much as I did back then.

The uproar of mighty Metallica doing a video.

Believe me, it was huge news.

Two videos by a band that have long been a favorite of mine.

They’ve dropped off as of late, but are still great to see on tour.

There you go Stone. Thanks for the inspiration.

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Concert Review Haiku: Iron Maiden and Megadeth


2 bands of legend

Sharing the stage together

An awesome concert


Got to say, great, great show.  Megadeth really brought it.  Nice to finally see them live.  Iron Maiden was just as great as the last two times I saw them, plus I could see them better at this concert and hear them better as well.  About the only beef I had about the whole night, other than the fact I was tired, was Maiden’s set list was exact to the one I saw in Charlotte a year or so ago.  Would have been nice to hear a few songs I haven’t heard live before.  Minor complaints because Iron Maiden and Megadeth really poured their heart and soul into this show.  They are looking older, but they still have the energy to keep this kind of music going.  

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Haiku – Duel

Flash of silver steel

Clanging of metal rings out

Enemies meeting

Inspired by the theme at

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Haiku – Megadeth and Iron Maiden

Blistering fast speed

Electrifying rhythm

Awesome thrash metal

Getting ready to see Megadeth live with Iron Maiden – can’t wait.  

Here’s a haiku I did for Maiden some time back.  

You can find the link here:

A band from England

With Eddie as a Mascot

Heavy Metal Kings

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Poem – Badlands

I cross the barren white

Drinking in the dust and sand

Parched for life – for thirst

A dead and haunted land

(inspired by the song below)

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Haiku – War Pigs

Rotting in their filth

Power feasting with young flesh

Sending them to hell

Inspired by this song

Love this set of lyrics, so powerful: Sorcerers of death’s construction

via BLACK SABBATH LYRICS – Luke’s Wall / War Pigs

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Haiku – Tesla

California based

Been kicking around for years

There’s no quit in them

Of my Top Five Bands, this group ranks fourth, just after Iron Maiden and before The Dave Matthews Band.  I have been a huge fan of theirs since seeing them in the round with Def Leppard -cough, cough- back in the late eighties – I think it was 1988.  I have enjoyed their music ever since and please don’t put them in the Hair Metal crowd.  This band is more classic rock with a metal groove and they do stand out from the Hair Metal pack.  I have always referred to their music as Blues Metal – that’s jut me though.

Old School:

New School:

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Haiku – Crescendo

Eager audience

A crescendo of applause

The band takes the stage

Inspired by the theme at

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