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Jimmy Buffett Friday: Tides

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Jimmy Buffett Friday: Take Another Road

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Jimmy Buffett Friday: Souvenirs

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Jimmy Buffett Friday: Livingston’s Gone to Texas

Another one of my big favorites by him.

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Jimmy Buffett Friday: Woman Goin’ Crazy on Caroline Street

Hard to pick favorites with his music, but this one is towards the top.

Love this song.

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Jimmy Buffett Friday: Margaritaville

Just never get tired of this one.

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Jimmy Buffett Friday: School Boy Heart

*I’m trying out some new stuff this year. Trying to update this blog a bit. I posted Paperback Tuesday earlier this week and today I want to try my hand at this new subject. How about a little Jimmy Buffett in order to get your weekend started? Sounds good to me. Listen and enjoy.*

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Wednesday’s Quotes (7/13/2016): Famous Words from Famous Writers – Jimmy Buffett

“It takes no more time to see the good side of life than it takes to see the bad.” 

Jimmy Buffett

Source: BrainyQuote

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Cover Song Saturday: Jimmy Buffett – Mexico

The Original

The Cover

An even draw. I honestly think they both are great. I couldn’t choose between them. They both just have such a good easy breezy vibe. Either one will put you in a positive mood and take you away for a bit.

So, which do you prefer?

The original or the cover. 

Do you need even more cover songs? Check them out here NIUME and here Cover Song Saturday.

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Haiku – In the Jungle

Cascading gently

Soft tropical waterfall

Warm and inviting


Funny how we are inspired to write. I came up with warm tropical waterfall while washing my sons hands before he had breakfast. I thought, that would be a great line in a Haiku. So, I sat down and wrote this one out this morning. Hope you enjoy it.


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Golden Pirate Wednesday

I plan to start dedicating Wednesdays on this blog to my novel “The Tale of The Golden Pirate: A Parson Slang Adventure.” See book cover below.


What I want to do is post a paragraph or two from different parts of the book. Something to generate a little buzz about it, which if you are an Independent Author like myself you know you need lots of to get anywhere in the writing business.

Today’s post comes from somewhere deep in the bowels of the book. Let me know what you think about it in the comments section below. If you so desire.

It was all over them. This milky slimy haze covered all the windows. It was like looking through snot, mucousy, running nose, heart of a cold snot. The kind of snot that is all chunky with various pieces of yellows and greens mixed into it.

“It’s some kind of membrane,” Parson replied.

“There’s something else.” Angie had noticed something new this time. “Do you hear anything?” The plane was silent, but they were still flying. “Take your hands off the controls Carson.”


“I don’t think you’re flying this plane.”

Carson looked down at his hands and then released them from their duties. The plane continued on its forward path and it didn’t take an immediate nose dive.

Angie continued, “Take a look out your window, farther than the window pane. Look at the propellers.”

Carson looked out his window as Parson crowded into Angie’s space so he could do the same. The propellers were jammed like they were trying to move, but couldn’t. They were shaking violently and appeared to be on the edge of an explosion as they tried their hardest to spin, to do the job they were meant to do. Carson shut them off on an instant, and the shaking stopped. The plane was now moving forward through the gelatinous ooze, like it was floating on a river. They were going wherever it was taking them, and they were powerless to stop it.

As they stood there, needless to say, dumbfounded, the light of the world beyond this membrane was drawing closer.

“Strap him in, Angie. When we reach the edge of this thing it is going to birth us out; and we won’t be flying. I’ll have to hope I have time to get the engines started before we crash head first into the water.”

Click here if you want to learn more about Parson Slang  and his adventures Southward.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for following. It is appreciated.

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Haiku – Margaritaville

Need some time to waste

Get lost for a day or three

With my wife and son

Been stuck in a medication fog for the last 5 days and I have about 5 more to go.  Just need to get away from all of this stuff with my family.  Our June vacation can’t come soon enough.  Crawling through the days just waiting to see the beach again.

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