Haiku – Align

Great anticipation

Rare total solar eclipse

Day becomes the night


Are you guys excited for the eclipse today – 8/21/2017? Me, I honestly keep forgetting about it. It is a pretty cool thing to witness, but I’m so busy with life it just slips my mind. I thought I might write this Haiku today in order to celebrate this monumental moment. Are any of you doing anything special for it? And I hate to do this, but I have to. This song must be played loudly today. I truly do apologize. I really do. I still remember when this video used to play on MTV and other channels back in the day. I am getting old.

Haiku- 3 Looks at Taste

Taste of sweet honey

 Dropped across your naked flesh

Pleasures exploding


Taste of hot coffee

Caffeinated rocket blast

Helps to start the day


Taste of human flesh

Monster feeding greedily

Upon its victim


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