Draft2Digital Wednesday Update: EPUB Available on Apple, Nook, Kobo, etc.

Below are my stories that you can now get on other places besides Amazon. If you would like to read my stuff and don’t have a Kindle here is your chance. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

This short story is about three men who risk life and limb in a Zombie Apocalypse in order to bring happiness to surviving kids on Christmas Morning.

A Zombie Christmas

A boy lost. A family desperate. It’s Christmas in a Zombie Apocalypse and Mike Beem is once again aiming for another Holiday miracle. His goal this year isn’t toys for the kids in the neighborhood. His goal this time is trying to save one small life so another family doesn’t have to suffer the way he suffered.

A Zombie Christmas 2



How far will he go to get home?

Will Vampires, Werewolves, Monsters, and Aliens deter him?

What will he endure to find his family?

Acclaimed author Anthony Renfro has a problem. As his fans wait anxiously for his next release, a character he has created tumbles out of the pages of his book and comes to life. With no clear story or plot in Anthony’s head, he must work together with this character in order to find out what story he belongs in before the critics and fans come pounding on Anthony’s door. AWOL: A Character Lost is a horror/science fiction novel about an author’s worst fears come to life.

A short story about two boys who discover a hidden beach and the evil deadly secrets that lie within its soft white grains of sand.


A Joyride in a Chevy Chevelle. The car was just sitting there for the taking. What could possibly go wrong? Vinnie and Mike are about to find out what can and will go wrong once they turn the key. Evil awaits. Ride shotgun if you dare with this short story.


This short story is about five students on Halloween night who discover the secrets and terrors of the town’s most infamous haunted house. Will they live to see the morning?

A Haunted House Tale

Another year. Another massacre looming. When the sun rises on the Old West town of Saltwater Junction this town will face head on two fierce predators. Vampires who stalk you in the sunlight, and werewolves that transform with the sunrise. This short story rewrites the legends and all you’ve ever known about these creatures of the night. Where do you go when there’s no place left to hide?

Need to Feed


Free Read for Sunday (2/26/2017): sHe


Yes, that is a new cover for sHe.

What do you think of it?

Here’s how to get your free copy.

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She began to cry.

It was one of those pathetic cries, filled with self-pity, and frustration. She had dreamed of so much more for herself than this at thirty two years of age. She wanted to be a writer, maybe a Graphic Designer with a family in the Burbs somewhere by now. She had never dreamed she would be stuck in a job with no future, living alone on a paycheck-to-paycheck budget. Dreams die hard when dreams decide to die.

She turned towards the door when something caught her attention. There was light pushing into the room around the edges of it.

She rolled off the bed, put on a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt, and then grabbed the loaded gun lying on top of the nightstand. She cocked it, and walked with slow caution towards the door that led into her apartment. Her heart was pounding in her chest, as her lungs filled with heavy air.

She reached the door, and slipped her hands into the light. It had texture. It was warm, and soothing, and glowing yellow-gold. She felt love in that light. A hope of a family. A wanting of a child.

Just released and A Cover Reveal: Flesh for the Zombies


When Mike Beem’s community is savagely attacked, he must exact revenge on those who wronged him. He must put aside all the good he has ever accomplished in order to become someone else. A man without a moral compass. A man without right or wrong. A man who is a cold-blooded killer. Will he get his justice or will he die trying? The answers lie within the pages of this short story.



. . . Zombie heads exploded in rapid succession as Mike and Double Trouble cleared a path to the shelter. Miraculously, none of them got bit on their journey over to what once used to be the old club house.

The place was an absolute mess inside and out.

The exterior walls, once white and freshly painted, were now covered in scratches and gashes. It looked like someone with an ax or a knife had simply made their way around the place with the intent to only destroy. The interior wasn’t much better. The kitchen had been looted, the beds slashed with knives, the couches and chairs not only slashed and cut open, but they had been urinated on as well. The white walls and floors were also covered in blood that dripped down them in a slow river of crimson, pooling on the carpeted floor and soaking into the short beige fabric. Hand drawn in the blood and scattered throughout the room were pentagrams, upside down crosses, devil faces with horns on their heads, and on one entire wall the words “The Satanists” was scribbled in big bold letters.

“Who would do this?” Mike asked, as he tried to keep what little food he had eaten in his stomach.

“Oh my God,” Double replied before leaning over and throwing up . . .

Book Reviews: Angel Time and A Few Short Story Collections


This was a book I didn’t mean to own. I asked for the rest of The Vampire Chronicles series for Christmas a few years ago and I wound up getting this one as well. I am glad I did. This was a great read from start to finish. I am always hesitant to read new books by Anne because she has been hit or miss, but this one is well worth the time. I think Prince Lestat wasn’t as grand as the others in the series because she has moved on from writing about those kinds of stories. You can tell by reading Angel Time that she is passionate again about a certain kind of subject matter. Believe me, it shows. I am now curious about the others in this series. I might have to check them out.


I also read these three short story collections recently and didn’t write a review for them. I thought I would give them a nod so you can check them out for yourself.


Of the three I read, this one was my favorite. Unique and different with very original stories. There isn’t a bad one in this collection.



Most of these stories were amazing, King at his best, and a few even reminded me of the old King back when he wrote “It” and “The Stand.” There were also a few that I wouldn’t read again and one long poem that I read purely because it was King. If it had been anyone else I would have skipped it. If you like King (like me) then this is a must read. Even when he is off he is still great at what he does.



This is another great collection of short stories. It is a quick read, but there are some really good ones in here. I would recommend it, especially for the upcoming Halloween season.


New Short Story – The Lot

Did you know I have a new short story available?

Did you also know it was free to read?

By clicking this link you can read it in its entirety: https://niume.com/pages/post/?postID=71399

If you don’t have the time to click on over here is the intro. This short story called “The Lot” is about a Christmas Tree lot that isn’t all that it is supposed to be. I know, I know, this is why I am not published traditionally, right? Probably, but I prefer to write stuff like this instead of the normal dreck you find everyday of the week. This short story will be a bonus on “A Zombie Christmas 2” when it releases later on in the year. Okay, here’s the start. Enjoy. Let me know what you think about it if you have the desire to do so.


Ernie Holsten sat in his office. It was hard for him to believe that Gavin was the main suspect in the murder investigation. He still refused to believe it even after they drained the swamp behind The Lot. They had found the missing cars of the people who had disappeared in the area over the last couple of months. It was almost certain proof that Gavin was behind it. Was it great proof? Was it a sentence of life in prison or even the death penalty kind of proof? Who knew? But they had found a lot of Gavin inside those cars. Hair and fingerprints turned out to be more than enough to serve a warrant for his arrest.

“We got him trapped,” One of the cops replied, pausing at the edge of the door.

Ernie looked up at him with haggard eyes, eyes that had thought they had seen it all until Gavin’s case fell at his feet. He pulled his lanky frame out the chair, adjusted his slacks and sport coat, and moved around his soft brown hair. He pulled his gun out of his desk, strapped it on, and then stood there a moment staring at the wall.

“Something wrong?” The cop asked, dressed in his uniform, young and virginal when it came to police work, new to the police force in this town.

“Ugh,” Ernie grumbled.

“You just seemed like you were ready to go and then you weren’t.”

“I still can’t believe its Gavin. He’s never been the sharpest tool in the shed, but he was always a good kid. He was a star athlete in high school, volunteered often, and he made one of the meanest and angriest batches of meatloaf you will ever eat.”

“He sounds like a decent guy.”

“He was until that Christmas tree lot showed up. Then he just got weird. He rarely left that place, rarely came to town, and when someone did try to see him he just ushered them away. It was so unlike him. He was just a nice guy who always had a hello waiting for you when he saw you on the street.”